Do you sometimes struggle to explain to families, other providers, or physicians what we do in EI and why we do it that way?  This webinar will address the mission, purpose and principles of EI as well as their link to evidence based practices.  As a result, participants will understand and be better able to explain these concepts that form the foundation for our early intervention practices and will understand the connection between these foundational concepts and the recent focus in Virginia on coaching and the integration of child outcomes into the IFSP process. This webinar is appropriate and important for local system managers, service coordinators, and other providers of early intervention services.


Kyla Patterson
Kyla Patterson
Kyla has a Masters degree in early intervention and is a technical assistance consultant with the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia state office, where she has worked for about 20 years.  Prior to that, she provided service coordination and developmental services and worked in both community and hospital-based programs in Massachusetts and Virginia.

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