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Reading Between Visits


Developing & Promoting Early Intervention Expertise - What Interventionists Can Do 




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GET UP OFF THE FLOOR! - Implementing Early Intervention Where Everyday Magic Happens


This poster and corresponding handout

include information about the continuum of traditional versus routines based interventions. Materials were presented by the ITC professional development team at the DEC 2013 conference.




CoPA Questions for ITCVA (Part C) Related to ABA and Insurance

  Questions were compiled from CoPA members' questions and were submitted to the ITCVA office in spring 2013. 

The response follows the list of questions.

  Find them here.




EI Process Flowcharts

The flowcharts below were shared by Kyla Patterson at the Creating Connections to Shining Stars Conference this summer. Both are available on the Tools of the Trade page by clicking here


 Eligibility Determination, Assessment for Service Planning, and IFSP

This flowchart serves as a decision tree to help practitioners understand what steps to take during the early phases of the EI process depending on how a child is determined eligible.


Preparing for the 

Annual IFSP

This flowchart helps practitioners consider different scenarios that might arise when preparing for the annual IFSP review.



The Integrated Training Collaborative (ITC) coordinates Virginia's Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) which is the professional development system for early interventionists who provide supports and services to eligible children and families under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 
EI Research and Evidence-Based Practices


At a recent meeting, an early interventionist said, "How can we explain early intervention to ('contracting') providers and families, if we cannot explain it to ourselves?" This has been the driving question for our featured topic this month.


Check out these resources:

Kaleidoscope Training graphic


Kaleidoscope: New Perspectives in Service Coordination, Levels I and II are required professional development trainings for all new service coordinators (although all are invited!) Trainings are held twice per year in cadres (KI and KII occurring in same location, one month apart) so that service coordinators have the opportunity to learn with each other for both Kaleidoscope sessions. Spring Kaleidoscope sessions take place in the Valley region during March (KI)/April (KII). Fall Kaleidoscope sessions are scheduled in the Richmond region during September (KI)/October (KII).


FALL 2013

  • KII: October 30 & 31, 2013 at Henrico CSB. 
    Click here to register.

NOTE: Plans are underway for spring 2014 KI and KII trainings. Check back in the November CSPD Update.



Talks on Tuesdays (ToTs) are one-hour webinars designed to provide free online training opportunities related to important topics in early intervention. Topics chosen for the Talks on Tuesdays webinar series are based on feedback from EI practitioners about what they need to know more about! ToTs are held on the first Tuesday of the month from 12:00-1:00PM.


October's ToT, 
"TORTICOLLIS: more than just a kink in the neck" is now archived and available. Click here to view.




Our November ToT ties in perfectly with our featured topic this month. Join us November 5th when Kyla Patterson will share, "I Know It, but Can't Explain It - What the Evidence Based Practices are in EI." Registration is now open! 


Watch for more details about our December 3rd Talks on Tuesday.

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