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The Month of the Holy Rosary 

 October 10, 2013   

In His Image 


The Lord has revealed His saving power.

Saint of the Month:  St. Paul of the Cross, Patron Saint of Evangelists 
Habit of Mind:  Taking responsible risks 
Image of God:  He is spiritual, creative, and intelligent 

from Psalm 98



The Power of Community!


Thank you, parents! The students, teachers, and I are enjoying our free dress day! The Jog-A-Thon was yet another fine example of our community pulling together in a fun and successful venture! Seņor Pablo and his team, Patti Coats, Jen Bergman and Jill Campos and the many volunteers, and you all helped us not only reach our goal but go above and beyond!

You all remind me of the little train that keeps on going up that hill - I know I can, I know I can! This Saturday members of our community will be on site for the garden work party and then next Friday, you will be out in style again for the 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner. There, also, we have exceeded expectations. At last count, reservations were over 260! The children are the ultimate beneficiaries of all of these events, but I also see the results in the continued nurturing of a vibrant community spirit here in the heart of Greenwood.


Speaking of children and exceeding expectations, as I spend time in the classrooms, I am very impressed with the eagerness and enthusiasm of the students and teachers. Kindergarten students were able to tell me all about Noah's Ark and why Noah built it. The other kindergarten class taught me about pumpkins!   Some middle school students were detailing the steps they had to take to solve math problems - a great math and writing exercise, while other students were almost leaping out of their desks in their enthusiasm to solve equations in a speed exercise! Mr. Tice congratulated them on being faster than him at times! They were certainly faster than me! Throughout the school I see evidence of great teaching and learning.   We are all actually excited for the ITBS next week. Your participation is to encourage your children, feed them a good breakfast and get them to bed on time.


The new shiny dome is another very visible symbol of the power of community! Without your participation, we, St. John Parishioners, could not complete this project.   Again, thank you!   Expect the crane next week. First Ave. NW will be closed between 79th and 80th streets on Tuesday, October 15 and the new dome and cross will be mounted.


Finally, I ask that you all continue to pray for Mrs. Macaulay-Walker and her family. The funeral for her father will take place tomorrow in Spokane. Seņor Pablo and Mrs. Halley will represent us there and at the same time, 1:30pm, our middle school students will gather in the church to recite the Rosary. You are welcome to attend.   During Mrs. Macaulay-Walker's bereavement leave, Mr. John Lange will be the interim teacher.


Thank you for your continued support.


Bernadette O'Leary

Student/Parent/ Teacher Conferences


Conferences will be held Thursday and Friday, October 24 and 25 (school will not be in session).


With the exception of preschool and kindergarten, students are expected to participate with parents in the conference.  


Parents may reserve a date and time for their conference online.  The links below give access to the reservation site - you will receive a direct email invitation from SignUpGenius as well.   


Preschool through Grade Five

Grades Six, Seven, or Eight

Current Students of Mrs. McCarthy

Current Students of Miss Gudaitis 


Parents wishing to meet with a Specialist (Spanish, Music, Physical Education) should contact the teacher directly.  


Seņor Pablo, Spanish 6, 7, 8
Seņora Blanca, Spanish K-5
Mr. O'Leary, Physical Education, PK-2, 5-8 
Mrs. Briones, Physical Education, 3-4 
Mrs. Tsagalakis, Music K-2, 6-8, Schola
Mrs. Kelly, Music 3-5, Cantionis
Mrs. Rousso, School Counselor


Middle School families:  One additional appointment may be requested if there is a specific concern that may only be addressed by the subject teacher. (Note:  Some teachers see more than 160 students.)


We ask that you make your appointment(s) for conference within the time frame set aside and avoid, if at all possible, requesting teachers to meet with you at a time other than the times offered.

Safe Environment Training

Training through the Archdiocese of Seattle's Safe Environment Training is required of all adults working around children in our schools and parishes.  If you already do, or plan to volunteer with students, you are required to take the initial on site training, and follow up with online refreshers periodically.

For those never having had the training
Parent Association, in cooperation with St. John the Evangelist Parish, will host an on site training (required for all first time attendees), Tuesday, October 15, Egan Hall, 7pm.

Those having previously attended an on site training, please make sure you are up to date - online refreshers are required to maintain your compliant status.  Visit Seta Net, the Archdiocesan Safe Environment site, look up your status, and update on line if needed.

If you have any questions contact Sheila Marty at 206-782-2810 or smarty@stjohnsea.org. 
Eye on the


At approximately 2:40 Tuesday, a Whitman student was approached and offered a ride from a stranger in a dark blue car. This incident occurred near the Olympic Manor sign at 85th and 23rd. The student ran home and reported the incident to a parent. The parent and student returned to school to alert staff members. The police have been notified.


We encourage you to take this opportunity to talk with your students about how to keep safe - never get into a car with a stranger, avoid walking alone, and if a stranger approaches - run away and notify a parent or school staff member.  


The auction is six months away, but the auction office is busy planning and laying the groundwork for a successful event.  We are currently looking for volunteers to work on Business Procurement, Family Procurement, Sponsorship, and the Saturday Night Dinner Committees.  Please contact the auction office at auction@stjohnsea.org if you are interested in working on one of these teams. 



If you know of, or have connections with a company that may be interested in gaining valuable exposure through an auction sponsorship, please let us know and we will send them a sponsorship information packet.


St. Al/John CYO Basketball 
Students in Grades 4-8

Sign up now to play CYO Basketball for St. John School!  Practices begin the last weekend of October or the first week of November. The season is scheduled to run through the end of January.


Registration forms and fees are due by Wednesday, October 16.


Please contact Richard Myers (rdmyers@rcmcorp.com) or Pat Daly (tpatrickdaly@hotmail.com) if you have any questions.


Looking forward to seeing you all on the court!


CYO Basketball Registration Form 

Ghost Get "Ghosted!"

Halloween is coming up! What better way to get into the trick or treat spirit by "Ghosting" your friends and neighbors! For $5 Girl Scout Troop #43664 will put together a Halloween treat and deliver it to the address you provide. Just fill out and return the attached form. Deadline is October 23rd. Your form may be mailed to the address indicated, or returned to the school office or XDC. All proceeds will benefit the 5th Grade Girl Scout Troop. Happy "Ghosting"!


St. John the Evangelist Choir Needs YOU! 

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will  

  • provide a sense of community?
  • fit into your busy schedule?
  • support your Catholic faith?

Consider joining the Sanctuary Choir that sings at the 8:30am Sunday Mass.  The choir meets each Sunday at 7:45am for a quick rehearsal before mass.  Please contact David di Fiore, PA for Music for additional information.



We do not develop habits of genuine love automatically. We learn by watching effective role models - most specifically by observing how our parents express love for each other day in and day out.   

Josh McDowell

  • Gr. 7 - return to Mrs. Tsagalakis, permission forms for Experience Music Project
  • Sign up for Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences    
Important Dates

Friday, October 11
Gr. 3, Seattle Children's Theatre, Pippi Longstocking
Gr. 5, Circus School 
Saturday, October 12 
Garden Classroom Work Party, 9am, portables 

Monday, October 14  
Liturgy, St. Teresa of Avila, 9am, Church 

Tuesday, October 15
New Dome to be placed - no parking on 1st Ave.
between 80th and 79th Street 
ITBS testing begins
Safe Environment Training, 7pm, Egan Hall

Friday, October 18 90th Anniversary Dinner 

90th Anniversary Dinner Update
Last Chance to RSVP for the 90th Dinner
Last chance to RSVP for the 90th Anniversary Celebration Dinner on October 18th.  We have nearly 270 people attending!  Follow this link to register.

We are still in need of help at the dinner-specifically table setters for Friday afternoon (12:30 until 2), parking attendants to welcome and direct our guests (5:15 to 6:45) and servers to assist the caterer with dinner service (4:00 until 9:00).  The caterer is allowing us to use volunteers in key positions - which saves us money on labor.  If we do not get enough volunteers, we will pay for the labor instead.  This is a great way to be part of the fun!  Please go to SignUp Genius today.

St. John is a United Way Recipient
Does your employer encourage you to give to United Way?  Did you know that you can direct your giving to go to St. John School.  Our United Way identification number is 19643 and we are listed as St. John the Evangelist School.
 Scrip 3


Did you know scrip is sold every Sunday morning at coffee and donuts, from 9:15am - 12:00pm? 
It takes a lot of hands to man this every Sunday and we need your help.  The parish members and school families all support St. John by buying scrip on Sunday's.  We sell an average of $5,000 every Sunday.  This is a vital fundraising event for the school.  Please consider signing up for one Sunday a month.  No experience necessary - a member of the scrip team will always be on hand as part of the team. 


If you work full time during the week this is a great opportunity to fulfill your volunteer obligations.  We are especially in need of one person on October 27th and November 10th.


Please click on the link below and pick a Sunday that works for you.  It's a great way to meet fellow parishioners and school families.   






Your Scrip Team


Lisa Mendenhall
Scrip Coordinator

The Engineering Club will begin Thursday, October 31, and run for seven, 90-minute Thursday sessions through December 19. Students in grades two through five are eligible to register for the class. Class size is limited to 16 students. The cost of the Engineering Club is $112.00. Open registration through the school website will begin on Thursday, October 17, 7pm. Watch for a link in next week's NewsViews. Visit the Play-Well TEKnologies website at http://www.play-well.org. The course scheduled is Engineering FUNdamentals (see attached flyer) with instructor Justin Kaiser, and faculty advisors Mrs. Brumback and Seņor Pablo.

Grandparents' Day 2012 Grandparents' & Friends' Day for Grades 2-5
November 14, 2013

Follow this link to RSVP, volunteer, and bake for this event!
Playground Many thanks to my new volunteers, who have answered the call for more aides. I have just a few positions left to fill to ensure that watchful coverage of your children is complete. If you are available on a Monday, Tuesday, or Friday from 11:15-12:45 , please contact me at  floribunda51@yahoo.com or 206-782-4823. Thanks!


Mrs. Catherine Dahlgren
Our Lady of Perpetual Asphalt
Hot Lunch




Friday, October 11             

Creamy Organic Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Organic Seasonal Fruit    

Monday, October 14       

Crispy Tacos with Natural Ground Turkey, Spanish Brown Rice, Organic Seasonal Fruit


Tuesday, October 15       

Fresh Made Baked Fish Sticks, Organic Oven Roasted Potatoes, Corn Bread, Organic Seasonal Fruit


Wednesday, October 16      

Penne Pasta with Creamy Alfredo Sauce, V Cake (Organic Seasonal Vegetable Cake), Organic Seasonal Fruit    


Thursday, October 17    

"BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH" Baked French Toast with Syrup, Organic Oven Roasted Potatoes & Seasonal Fruit    


To order, visit NoJunk, Inc. 

   Happy Children

Thank You Corner



Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the vision and screening run so smoothly.  Thank you especially to Shannon Manley for running the hearing screening and Joan McDonagh for help with setting up, testing materials and information.  Those who helped were Lisa McKenny, Kevin McSherry, Julie Skinner, Ken Feldman, Viden Nedialkov, Glorilyn Maw, Sue Kelly, Cathy Knauerhase, Geraldine Stone, Marilyn Hanley, Paula Pessner, Milana Richardson, Emily Hallman, Judith Corkum, and Maribeth Eagan.  Editor's note:  Thank YOU, Joanie Williamson for heading up and running this important annual screening!    


Mrs. Tsagalakis would like to thank St. John School musicians who are sharing their talents with our school community for the upcoming Liturgy on Monday, October 14.  A special thanks to our magnificent Schola Choir; Cantors James K., Caroline H., Margo F., and Peyton W.;  Ben B., trumpet and Luke P., violin.


Mrs. Desclos would like to thank all the parents who have volunteered to work on Art Fridays in their student's classes. We will meet on October 16, in the Mezzanine of Egan Hall at 7pm, so I can review expectations, show you supplies and answer questions. I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing ideas for the new school year.


Lost and FoundLost and Found


LOST:  Eagle Claw coat, black with the Eagle Claw logo.  Thought to be lost in Egan Hall.  If found, please return to the school office.  Thank you.
Apple Bite




Something happening in the non-school community you would like to let others know about? Forward your "bites" to Diane Crockett.


Basketball Opportunity 

Train with former UW player Michael Johnson and former Princeton player Sara Wetstone. For more information about the times of clinics or in house fall league contact mike23johnson@hotmail.com or visit www.hoopaholics.com