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October 2014
Election season is here - remember 
that every vote counts!
We're just three weeks out from Election Day and absentee ballots are already arriving in millions of mailboxes around the state. This November, two ballot measures are critically important to our industry's future and the future of California.

Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond, for the first time in decades provides funding for water storage. And Measure BB in Alameda County would extend the county's transportation sales tax, allowing the county to move forward with badly needed highway and transit projects. See below for more information on both measures. 

And please remember to vote, and to urge your colleagues and coworkers to do the same. Two years ago, a similar measure in Alameda County failed by just 700 votes. Every vote really does count, especially in a low-turnout year like this one. 

Alliance helps fund television ads 

for Propositions 1 and 2 

The Alliance's top priority this November is Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond placed on the ballot on a rare, nearly unanimous bipartisan vote of the Legislature. The measure includes $2.7 billion for new water storage, with projects to receive funding to be decided later by a state commission.

Because of its importance to the industry, the Alliance and labor have both made significant contributions to Governor Brown's campaign for the water bond and his rainy day fund proposal.

Last week, three television commercials promoting Props. 1 and 2 were released. Two, featuring the Governor, were paid for by his campaign. The third spot, called "Firefighter," received significant funding from the Alliance, labor and the business community. You can view all three spots here.

To learn more about Props. 1 and 2, visit the campaign website. More information about Prop. 1 is also available on the Alliance website.
Strong Measure BB campaign continues in Alameda County
The Alliance is also strongly supporting Alameda County's Measure BB campaign, aimed at extending and augmenting the county's transportation sales tax for 20 years. It would generate almost $8 billion during that time, leveraging more than $20 billion overall and creating 150,000 new jobs.

Last week, the campaign began its mail and media effort with both broadly ranged and specifically targeted mail pieces set to hit before and during vote-by-mail ballot arrival, along with new TV ads airing on Comcast cable.

Mail pieces targeting Republicans and identified skeptics carry the "Fix it First" message that resonates with these voters. A broader audience will receive a mailer that features the League of Women Voters, United Seniors and the Alameda Taxpayers Association, demonstrating the wide range of support.  

The third piece reminds pro-environment voters that the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters support Measure BB, while the fourth mailer aimed at undecided voters highlights how it would improve traffic.

Viewers throughout the county are now seeing a cable TV ad called "Back In My Day," which puts a humorous spin on traffic problems set in a future where Measure BB has solved Alameda County's traffic problems. A more traditional spot is also being produced.

In addition to mail and television, the campaign is running a vigorous phone banking and canvassing operation. And last week, the campaign received a significant boost when the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Measure BB, the latest and highest-profile of the print endorsements obtained to date.

On Tuesday, the campaign is holding a BART Day of Action, with members of the numerous groups supporting the measure doing voter outreach at BART stations throughout the county during rush hour. The same groups will hold a press conference Thursday to showcase the broad range of community support for the measure.
Alliances produces short video focusing on proposed Sites Reservoir
To help educate voters about the potential benefits of Proposition 1, the Alliance has released a short video that focuses on the proposed Sites Reservoir, an off stream storage facility in the foothills on the western side of the Sacramento Valley about 75 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Perhaps the most poignant section of the video features landowner Mary Wells, who has lived in the area for more than 40 years. But despite the fact her home would be under 300 feet of water, she says it's the right thing to do to ensure agriculture continues in the area for her children and grandchildren.

You can view the video here and learn more about other possible storage projects on our website. If you like the video, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Last Alliance ad for the year again focuses on need for more storage 

The Alliance will be back on the air in Northern California during the last week of October with our latest radio commercial. And since the spot that ran last month was so good, we thought we'd run it again.


In case you missed it in September, Will Durst says the drought is so bad that while he was out painting his lawn green someone stole his water bottle - but left his iPhone behind. But of course, if we had more storage today that could have been filled in wet years, the drought's impacts wouldn't be so bad.


If you can't wait to hear the spot on your favorite Northern California radio station, you can listen to it here.

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