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May-June 2014
Dr. Roca's office schedule:
Greenwich, CT
June 6, 2014 - 8am-6pm
August 22, 2014 - 12noon-8pm
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"Dr. Roca was able to identify the basic medical issues and is helping me take a holistic approach to dealing with them. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for an integrated, holistic, scientific approach to his or her healthcare."
                                          - S.F. 
Mind/Body Matters
Allergy relief, pain relief, and your healthy kitchen
Henri Roca, MD
Seasonal allergy symptoms may appear
as a simple eye or skin irritation or as sinus congestion, infection, an intestinal issue, or even asthma. Dr. Roca explains why it's important to understand the triggers, and suggests natural approaches for keeping the symptoms under control. Read more.

Over time, many of us develop pain or limited range of motion
caused by poor movement patterns or overuse. Often, patients mistakenly think this is arthritis. Board-certified chiropractic physician Amy O'Donnell, DC, explains the Graston Technique, what it is and how it helps.

Our ancestors knew about bone broth benefits
, but we've gotten out of touch with traditional foods. Certified Holistic Health Counselor Maria Rickert Hong, shares her easy-to-make healing, hearty, homemade recipes for bone broths.

Do you buy almond milk?
Raw Julia says making your own raw nut milks may be easier than you think and she guides you through the process with two of her favorite raw nut milk recipes.
Reversing chronic disease is often a real possibility. Dr. Roca practices medicine that is whole person, integrates all therapies suited for your condition, prioritizes natural methods of healing, and works to identify underlying causes of dysfunction. This is the medicine of wellness.

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