Henri Roca, MD                  
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April 2014
Dr. Roca's office schedule:
Greenwich, CT
March 28 - Filled
New Orleans, LA
April 4 at the House of Broel
10am to 6pm

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Telephone visits are available.
Send an email to schedule a telephone appointment

Dr. Roca is accepting new patients. For individuals and families seeking Dr. Roca's unique approach to health and healing, please schedule an initial phone visit. Read more about what to expect. 
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"Doctor Roca has played an absolutely transformative role for our entire family's health physically and mentally. He has helped cure our boys from various kinds of illnesses and allergies, and for my husband and me he is THE health care provider we entrust with our lives and health. We have recommended him to many of our friends and will keep doing that to whomever wants to make the right decision for their health."
                                          - K.M. 
Mind/Body Matters
Calorie Poisoning and Food Interactions
The perception that eating healthy is expensive tends to be true, BUT only if you're overeating. The issue is not just the cost of food, but also the amount of food we need to optimize our health. Read Dr. Henri Roca's view on calories, energy and the cost of food.
The FDA's proposed changes to nutrition labels on packaged foods make a positive difference to our health, at least for those who read food labels. Read about the changes as explained by nutrition coach Maria Rickert Hong.
Henri Roca, MD When your favorite foods interact with the prescription medications you need to take, they can interfere with the drugs' effectiveness. And yet, medical providers don't always tell patients about these potential interactions. Even good foods and good medications can create very bad combinations, as Henri Roca, MD, explains.
Re-kindle the fire in your belly with yoga. "Butterflies in my stomach", "nervous stomach", "gut feeling." Read about connecting the dots between stress and your stomach from Certified yoga instructor Ann Brett, ERYT, LMT.
Raw Julia Spring sprouts. Sprouts are easy to grow year-round in your kitchen. They are inexpensive and densely nutritious. Raw Julia shares her nutritious recipes for zucchini and broccoli sprouts hummus and vegetable sushi with sweet pea sprouts.

Dr. Roca is involved in the LEAPS (Leadership and Education Program for Students in Integrative Medicine) mentor program held annually at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Watch video.
Reversing chronic disease is often a real possibility. Dr. Roca practices medicine that is whole person, integrates all therapies suited for your condition, prioritizes natural methods of healing, and works to identify underlying causes of dysfunction. This is the medicine of wellness.