Henri Roca, MD                  
   One Medicine Wellness Services, LLC

November 2013

Dr. Roca is now accepting new patients. You may want to mention this to family and friends so they can take advantage of Dr. Roca's unique approach to health and healing. First-time patients are suggested to set up an initial phone visit to go over their history and to begin the process of returning balance to their system.

Please schedule early for appointments in Greenwich:  
January 17, 2014 
Feb 14, 2014

Appointments from Noon to 6pm  
107 Greenwich Ave. (2nd floor) 
(Avenue Massage Associates) next to CVS.

All appointments in November, 2013 have been filled.
Appointments fill quickly.
Please book early.


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Mind/Body Matters
Feeling Good - Naturally
Whether you are taking natural products or prescription medication, unwanted effects can put a damper on your good intentions. Understanding what these effects or interactions mean can help resolve the discomfort. Read more.
Feeling a bit bloated? Gas and bloating are connected to the way the food you eat is digested by the bacteria in your stomach. There are several possible causes. Read more.

winter-sickColds and Flu - The Golden 10 to Keep You Healthy Most people have a medicine cabinet stocked with over-the-counter "remedies." Read our choices for natural additions to a "Health and Healing Cabinet" as we enter cold and flu season.
Henri Roca, MD Dr. Roca is co-chair of the Planning and Program Committees for the 2013 International Congress for Clinicians in Complementary & Integrative Medicine in Chicago. Clinicians and trainees from around the world gather for this annual event focused on integrative medicine using a science-based approach to natural health and healing.
FUNC-MEDS Functional Medicine puts the focus on delving deeply to find the root cause of a problem. Rather than masking symptoms, an understanding of a person's entire history may help to unravel the trail and reverse some types of chronic disease. Read more.
Reversing chronic disease is often a real possibility. Dr. Roca practices medicine that is whole person, integrates all therapies suited for your condition, prioritizes natural methods of healing, and works to identify underlying causes of dysfunction. This is the medicine of wellness.