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Which way
did spring go Jagger?
Hello Friends,
     Late Februrary reminds us there is a big change about to happen.  Days are getting longer.  Some days the birds sing of spring and some days they are silent in the bitter cold.   
     We fluctuate like the sap in the trees 
waking up from dormancy--flowing on warm days and moving like molasses in the cold. 
     We move  between taking time off and scheduling work in earnest for the coming

   Soon we will be trading in the snowshoes for the mud-boots and wondering where winter went.

We hope you are getting a break
AND starting to get project plant lists ready to go.

We have many natives available in cont
ainer and B&B as well as healthy supply of evergreens at extra special pricing--these evergreens are full and shaped and robust.
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Oak Tree
I took an acorn and put it in a pot.

I then covered it with earth, not a lot.
Great pleasure was mine watching it grow.
The first budding green came ever so slow.
I watered my plant twice a week
I knew I would transplant it down by the creek. 

One day it will be a giant oak,
To shield me from the sun a sheltering cloak.
Lovers will carve their initials in the bark,
An arrow through a heart they will leave their mark.
It will shelter those caught in a fine summers rain,
Under its leafy bows joy will be again.
Creatures of the wilds will claim it for their own,
Squirrels will reside here in their own home.
Birds will build nests and raise their young,
They will sing melodies a chorus well sung.
Under it's branches grass will grow,
Here and there a wild flower it's head will show.
My oak tree for hundreds of years will live.
Perhaps the most important thing I had to give.  

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