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Wintertime Reflection
Ice hangs from the hawthorn seed,
my reflection looks back in the icy bead
that hangs suspended as if time stopped
waiting for warmth enough to drop.

Standing still, I'm sure I see
the frozen drop reminding me
to take a moment and reflect on this year
to stop and listen, so to hear
and see the natural world we live in
is full of gifts for the holiday season.

Whether you celebrate
Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the Solstice this time of year
with loved ones far away or near,
remember to take a look right out the door
in trees, on land, in the air and more
all in that frozen drop hanging from the seed
reflecting life in the icy bead.

(Jagger and Mick wish you a rock-n-roll holiday!) 

Warm wishes for a great winter season,

                                                      Mary T. and Joe B.