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August Specials

Hope your summer is not too hot,

and if it is, may there be a lot,

of rain and lightning to maybe stall,

the colors and leaf drop coming soon this Fall.


Summer digging going strong!
Let us know how we can help you!

Summer Pricelist
Viburnum dentatum 5Gal
lush and full 

We have a great selection of containers shrubs, robust and ready for the job site.   


Native Plants all through summer
Please give us a call if you would like a copy of our Native Plant information.
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Everything you
ever wanted to know about Oaks  
is available at the   
International Oak Society 
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interesting life of an oak...

The Life of a Bur Oak 

We welcome your visit or phone call to discuss just about anything and especially oaks!

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Prairie Rose hips



Sustainable nursery practices are better for your trees and better for the environment. 

Glacier Oaks RootKeeperŪ 

Native Trees and Shrubs  



  are propagated and grown using these methods -producing native trees that are easy to transplant and start growing!


We look forward to working with you. Please call anytime! 


Thank You,

Joe Beeson & Mary T. McClelland


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