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Carpinus caroliniana * American Hornbeam
October 15, 2013

Dear friends and customers,
We are still waiting for that first hard frost
to color the leaves
before they're tossed. 

Not to be outdone
by the cold,
daylight hours change
green to gold.

Fruit-pack candy leaves
of every shade,
splash our senses and
before they fade...

Before leaves drop and mature seeds sow...
brace yourself for this color show!              


By the way, if you have trouble downloading any pdfs, please call MaryTree
and she will email a copy to you quickly!

Some cool work is being done by Chicago Openlands at Marquette Park.  Dozens of Glacier Oaks Nursery trees were planted last week by dozens of pretty cool volunteers!     
Openlands is getting a lot of recognition for the Tree Initiative - taking on planting hundreds of trees to increase the number and quality of trees city-wide.
Find out about their
Tree Keepers program
-growing into La
ke County again for 2014. 
Though Oaks and other native plants are our specialty, we have a broad range of plants
for many landscapes,
park and urban settings. 
Fall is for Planting!
...from this

to this...
Rhus aromatica * Gro-low Sumac
The only low-profile feature of this plant is its habit.  What a show of colors at your feet - the rainbow from purple to red to orange to yellow. 
Outstanding aromatic woody plant.
Seagreen Juniper 3' and 4'
Ready to GO!
Serviceberry of all sizes in container and B&B 



Added this week - 30% off Limelight Hydrangea 10 Gal! 
Gorgeous flower, full 4' finished plant,
easy on the budget.
Hydrangea Limelight 10 Gal 4' - fantastic flowers!
Beneficial spiders make Halloween-ready boxwood
All sizes available 15" to 36"
This week only * get another 15% off the already scary price!
these are outstanding plants that have to go!
*Additional quantity pricing*  

Want more information? 
These container plants on Special!
Ready to plant!
Mention this email for additional 15% off any quantity ordered this month! 

5 Gal Hydrangea paniculata cvs

5 Gal 24-30" Syringa Bailbelle

We look forward to working with you.  

Please call anytime! 


Thank You,

Joe Beeson & Mary T. McClelland


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