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While I was admiring the dawn this morning
somebody spilled the sky.

The mallard duck didn't seem to notice
as she flew above on by.

The frost was mopping up best it could
but color was everywhere.

It splashed upon, within, around
in and on and here and there.

The chickadees weren't bothered as
they began their autumn day.

I guess it means that Fall is here 
and everything's okay.

We'll carry on and relish in
the delight of the spilling skies

and leaf-dropping tricks
in wind that whips
removing trees' disguise. 

So off we go back to the field
still planting and digg
ing strong.

Pulling, shifting, pruning plants
until the color's gone.

2013 mtreem
Though Oaks and other native plants are our specialty, we have a broad range of plants for many landscape, park and urban settings. Please give us a call this Fall!   815-943-TREE 
Fall is for Planting...
All kinds of viburnums 5 Gal 24-36"
Many container shrubs ready to plant!  

5 Gal 24" Butterfly Diervilla - yellow flower in summer, great fall color!

5 Gal 24" Spiraea Tor

Chokeberry 5 Gal 18-24"
5 Gal 24-30" Syringa Bailbelle

5 Gal 18" Roses

We look forward to working with you.  

Please call anytime! 


Thank You,

Joe Beeson & Mary T. McClelland


McHenry County Nursery/Glacier Oaks Nursery

8501 White Oaks Rd, Harvard, IL 60033

815-943-8733  815-943-3511 (fax)