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Trick or Trees?!

Happy Halloween!
Pumpkins don't grow on trees, but Halloween colors do!  Colors are the true treats of trees in the Fall. 

From the red fruit of the holly and hawthorn to the pine cones on the evergreens...
Picea the crimson to orange to bright yellow surprises on the oak, hickory and maple trees...

to the neat packages of filbert nuts ---new treats every day as the weather changes.

in case you've wondered how that happens....

While you are handing out the candy, here are a few reminders about current availability - weather is still good for digging,
so that is what we are doing!

please call if we can help with anything!
(815) 943-TREE

Happy Planting and Happy Halloween!
Spooky how nature decorates for holiday naturally.....
Boxwood - Northern Charm, Chicagoland Grows

Plants still available!


Please call with questions about any plants not listed! (815) 943-8733
seagreen juniper
Seagreen Juniper 3', 4', 5'



A Fall season trick of profusely, maroon flowering ornamental with shaggy multi-colored bark.

Alternately flowers with white AND maroon blossoms.

Everything you
ever wanted to know about Oaks  
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The Life of a Bur Oak 

We welcome your visit or phone call to discuss just about anything and especially oaks!

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Sustainable nursery practices are better for your trees and better for the environment. 

Glacier Oaks RootKeeperŪ 

Native Trees and Shrubs  



  are propagated and grown using these methods -producing native trees that are easy to transplant and start growing!


We look forward to working with you. Please call anytime! 


Thank You,

Joe Beeson & Mary T. McClelland


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