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Dear customers and friends,
Cornus mas 

Last week when we thought Spring had finally arrived, we were inundated with about eight inches of rain and very cold temperatures.

...Oops, forgot who was in charge...
                                                     MOTHER EARTH! 

With that reminder demanding our respect we wish you a Happy Earth Day!

Trees do so much work for us!  We are more dependent on them than we think, so the least we can do is THINK TREES! 

Cool Facts about how trees cool - check out these links!
There is much talk about warmer climate and the ongoing changes in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map 
( USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map)

but before we get too excited about all of the southern climate trees that will be hardier further north over the next decade,
lets keep in perspective that we need long-lived trees, planted in sustainable landscapes and parks and community streets--
because planting trees is
one of the few things we can do to help cool the warming trend.

Case-in-point is the recently released Climate Central Map
 (To check the warming trend temperatures click here ).

Interactive Map

No one really knows where the warming trend will leave us, but we do know that we will have more extreme weather --cold and hot.  Trees are the great moderator of extremes.  Trees also increase the health of the soil, water and air. Trees cool and beautify our living and playing environments.

When we plant trees in a way that they can survive and thrive, we are planting our own well-being
for the future.

Calculate the Value of your Trees with the "National Tree Benefit Calculator."
k here to find out!


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for your convenience we accept:
Evergreen Special
4'-10' 25% discount on any combination of species and size - order of 25 or more!
   A BIG way to make a BIG difference  
is with a BIG TREE! 
We have many available and will dig to order. 
Give us a call and lets get growing!

Specimen Norway Spruce

Here at the nursery we've comp
leted our pruning and will spend the next few weeks working every non-rain hour to dig field orders for holding and immediate availability all season.

Whitespire Birch and Red Maple are spring dig plants.

Spaced and beautifully branched for a finished landscape in yard or corporate center.

Disease-resistant elms (below).

Miyabei Maple 4"  and 4" Aristocrat and Chanticleer Pear


Everything you
ever wanted to know about Oaks  
is available at the   
International Oak Society 
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Sustainable nursery practices are better for your trees and better for the environment. 

Glacier Oaks RootKeeperŪ 

Native Trees and Shrubs  



  are propagated and grown using these methods -producing native trees that are easy to transplant and start growing!


We look forward to working with you. Please call anytime! 


Thank You,

Joe Beeson & Mary T. McClelland


McHenry County Nursery/Glacier Oaks Nursery

8501 White Oaks Rd, Harvard, IL 60033

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