Dear Friends and Customers,
With the longest day of the year only a few days away, we are looking forward to some good summer days of planting. 


Watering, of course, is on everyone's mind. See some tips in this email to make the most of the watering needing to be done. 


People don't always think of water as something we need to ration, but these dry days remind us not to take it for granted. 


Please call if you have some tips on conserving water in your irrigation routine, and we'll post the ideas for all to share.


Afterall, we are in the business of growing, planting and maintaining the plants that keep our water clean and cycling.  


Our reward is the many benefits of cleaner air, cleaner water, energy savings and safer, healthier, happier communities.


Please check out our summer sales offerings and feel free to call with any questions------------>


take good care!

Marytree and Joe

Rhus glabra

Fast-growing sumac for summer







Pinus strobus

pinus strobus

Green-up with Evergreens in summer plantings


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 water drop off leaf


Looking for the Rain

When will the rain

come again

to feed the ponds and rivers?


Are we truly thankful for 

the life that it delivers?


Do we know, 

as humans go,

we're tied to nature's math?


Can we remember

sunny skies

are not the whole, but half?


We need the tree 

all wisemen see

for a future and good health.


Oh let it rain and fill the roots

that filter 

all earth's wealth.


by mtreem

hyd quer

Guess what's ready to burst on the scene? 
Hydrangea quercifolia and cultivars 
ready to soak up the shade! 

Its Summer Solstice



Native and Cultivar Plants  

Container and Above-ground


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 Watering Tips

  • give good, long soakings rather than frequent light waterings (increases oxygen in soil)
  • newly planted trees need thorough and regular watering after planting (and in very dry weather for 2-3 years)
  • as a rule of thumb, trees should receive 1-2 inches of water every 7-10 days throughout growing season (more if temperatures are extreme)
  • water slowly, deeply and intermittently, not necessarily daily.  Use soil probe as a  guide
  • apply mulch properly- it is the best way to conserve precious soil moisture in the landscape 
MSU and Morton Arboretum (2005)

GO yard plants - ready to load and go!
Emerald Arborvitae 
many oaks above ground
shrink-wrapped to retain moisture in the root ball 
Heptacodium - Seven-son Flower
....above.....CARPINUS CAROLINIANA - American Hornbeam
and HEPTACODIUM MINCOIDES - the Seven-Son Flower


Summer is Ready and so are we!


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