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Memorial Day  is a time to look back and a time to look forward.  Its been a busy, rather hectic spring season keeping up with nature's schedule, but many trees have been planted today for  future generations to enjoy.  Meanwhile, we all get their many benefits of cleaner air, cleaner water, shade under which to read a book or take a nap and dream.   


While we watch for that opportunity, we invite you to take a look at our Memorial Day 5-Plant Special--->

Rhus glabra

Fast-growing sumac for summer







Pinus strobus

pinus strobus

Green-up with Evergreens in summer plantings


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Sustainable nursery practices are better  

for your trees and better for the environment. 



Glacier Oaks RootKeeper™ 



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are propagated  

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these methods  

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that are  

easy to transplant  

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The Heart of the Tree


what does he plant who plants a tree?

he plants the friend of sun and sky;

she plants the flag of breezes free;

the shaft of beauty, towering high;

he plants a home to heaven anigh

for song and mother-croon of bird

in hushed and happy twilight heard

the treble of heaven's harmony

these things she plants who plants a tree.


by Henry Cuyler Bunner 

Memorial Day Specials

through June 15th

Planting trees is a way  

to remember those we've lost  

and a way to dream  

for those yet to come.

Native and Cultivar Plants  

Container and Above-ground

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Memorial Day Special 


GO yard plants are shrink-wrapped to retain moisture in the root ball - ready to load and go!
Heptacodium - Seven-son Flower
....above.....CARPINUS CAROLINIANA - American Hornbeam
and HEPTACODIUM MINCOIDES - the Seven-Son Flower


Plant to remember, plant to dream, plant to improve life for the team.



Summer is Ready and so are we!


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