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November/December 2013
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Happy Holiday Greetings  

I would like to wish you and your family the very best holiday season. It is a time of giving and opening our hearts to others. Thank you in advance for the love, peace and happiness that you will be contributing to the spirit of the holidays. Please commit to carrying those positive actions on into the New Year. If this is a time that is challenging because of personal losses, remember that you can turn your challenges into triumphs. If you need help to do so do not hesitate to seek whatever family or social help you need. Also, do not forget to open your heart to yourself. Be a great friend to yourself. Commit to giving you what you need to make life joyful and filled with as much happiness as you can create.

- Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS 

How to Create Less Stress at 
 Holiday Gatherings




          Holidays like Thanksgiving are for loving relationships, smiles, laughter and should be a minimal less stress period. However, there can be good and bad stressful experiences at these events. Relationships are often governed by long held experiences, memories, thoughts and beliefs about relatives and friends as well as the things that happen at the event. Beware of old negative experiences leading to Default Emotional Responses (DERs) which lead to Default Behavioral Reactions (DBRs). Here are some tips to help you create less stress during holiday functions:


1)     Be mindful of triggers that activate stressors and avoid or eliminate the triggers


2)     Be mindful of triggers that ignite relationship difficulties and avoid or eliminate the triggers

3)     Create a positive rational dialogue to counter the negative thoughts or situations before the gathering *


4)     Give yourself the permission and power to use the response(s) you have created


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"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. " - James D. Miles 

Creating your own De-Stressation Zone


Creating your own De-Stressation Zone can have on-going positive effects on your health and life at home and work. You can create an environment that repeatedly features or influences your abilities to lower your level of stress. Think about the fact that the world around you inadvertently creates situations that elicit stress. Why do you not take the time and create places where you practice or "program" your de-stressation abilities to combat this inadvertent stress and other stressful events in your life? How often do you take the time to be really good to yourself? You can create a space(s) in a room specifically for stress reduction like you would for a special music room. Sometimes the two can be combined. Make this your own paradise. Let's name it "Me-ville". No, creating that place is not selfish. It is an eminent act of self care through controlling your stress.

What would you put in the room or office space? Would there be a special sofa, lounge chair, place on the wall, door or pallet on the floor? You can practice relaxation techniques or just go there to get away from some stressors. Would there be special pictures or picture? You may want to get one or more of the SRN official De-Stressation Posters in the Anti-Stress Kit which feature ---No Stress Zone (Activities and Relationships), and Stress Less Hours. Whatever it takes to create this special place for you, your family or workplace---JUST DO IT. That's right. It was a "shameless plug" but you get the picture. Use whatever elements will allow you to create your "Me-Ville" that will help minimize your stress.

Happy Holidays.

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

The Stress Rejecter Doctor


SRN First Person Interviews

Portrait of a Winner: Part II  

An Interview with Doctoral Candidate,
B. Annette Daughtry

(Ain Modeira Baderinwa)




In Part II of the interview, Ms. Daughtry, elaborates on how she copes with financial and other challenges as she pursues her Ph.D. 


SP: How have you addressed the issue of balancing the budget?

A: For educators, the basic salary alone is hardly enough to make ends meet; therefore, many of us moonlight in the evening hours or on weekends. To help me get through this phase, I started a consulting and tutoring business, "Beautiful Minds Tutorial, LLC"-specializing in adult education. Although my webpage is under construction, advertising on SRN's website has been a tremendous help in increasing my clientele. (http://www.stressrejectersnation.com/?page_id=15) The investment level of commitment must be high to reap a high return. Also, a strict budget must be imposed for the four-to-five year duration of the doctoral program.

I have gotten very creative with keeping spending at a minimum and stretching my dollars by organizing swap-meets where my colleagues, friends, and I swap clothing items that our children/grandchildren have outgrown. Friends and neighbors have already donated bicycles for Christmas in the same spirit so that each one of my grandchildren will receive a bike that is nearly new and age-appropriate. Additionally, preparing large one-pot/pan meals and freezing single servings and limiting eating out to special occasions (such as free birthday meals) help me ease the financial woes.


SP:   How do you manage your time to accommodate the other aspects of your life, . . . teaching part time, researching, writing, every-day "to do" lists, and finding the time for a social life?


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 Membership Campaign
The SRN is beginning its Membership Campaign. Aspiring members are welcome and along with current members are asked to participate in the Five Favorite People Campaign.


Five Favorite People Campaign
Members and aspiring members can participate in this effort by asking your five favorite people to join you in the SRN. They would be great additions to the Friend Support Program.* (See Below) Ask them to join and help increase your support system as you strive to make your serene living more of a reality. Get more support to combat stress that may be effecting you, your family or workplace.

The SRN Friend Support Program 

The SRN Friend Support Program is an effort to join people from near and far to share their stress reduction tips, inspirational stories of overcoming stress and help others on their journey to manage stress and live happier, healthier lives.  If you would like to participate, email us at comments@stressrejectersnation.com for further details!


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