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September/October 2013
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The Changing Leaves
The 411 on the Symtoms of Stress
ISF-Important Stress Fact
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Choose your own special

place of relaxation.  Whether it is on a mountain top, an ocean shore, a beautiful sunset or whatever is your

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The Changing Leaves 




     The changing leaves of Autumn signify that the old is giving way to the possibilities of the new. The leaves present such a beautiful assortment of colors. So much so that many people travel great distances to see the beauty of the changes. As you transition from the ever glowing rays of summer to the slowed down and more relaxed feeling of just enjoying the beauty of autumn remember to adjust and accept the beauty of what is before you and just Live it. Get out and go to high school, college and pro football games and engage in other activities that let you control your De-Stressation. Welcome the beauty of Fall and set up a place in your house or office that is your De-Stressation room. Include this in your plans for the next 6 months of de-stressation activities. 


 The 411 on the
Symptoms of Stress





Be aware of and control:

  • Stressors (people, situations or things) that ignite stress in you
  • Chemically aided stress (caffeine in coffee, tea, and sodas, etc.)
  • Default Emotional Responses (automatic responses to people, situations, things that happen outside of your awareness or control)
  • Mind Racing (The process of obsessively thinking about things you are going to do or need to do while your body is in one place like your shower or car) and you cannot actually physically begin to carry out the task.     
  • A few symptoms related to stress and anxiety:
*Rapid breathing                      
* Rapid talking             
*Dry mouth or difficulty swallowing            *Tensions and muscle spasms  
* Nervous twitches  
*Drumming with fingers or rapid toe tapping *Uncontrollable shaking or feeling jittery
ISF - Important Stress Fact

     Where does the energy come from when there is a stressful situation? FYI, when there is a fight or flight dilemma, as in all stressful situations, the level of Cortisol produced in the body increases. According to Jennifer Rooke, MD, MPH, Cortisol blocks insulin and blood sugar is raised to keep glucose in the blood stream so that one can react to the situation. It lasts about 90 minutes, whereas, Adrenalin lasts about 3 minutes and provides quick energy.

~Welcome the Beauty of Fall with Fall De-Stressation Activities~

      Set up a place in your home or office that is your stress safe room/place. (See the SRN Anti-Stress Kit) Be bold and set plans for the next 6 months of de-stressation activities. Fall is a time for shedding old things. But it can be a great experience to behold the stressful things that you drop like trees drop an array of colorful leaves during Autumn. There are lots of fun-filled relationships, events, and activities including fantasy football leagues in which you can engage.  JUST LIVE IT!

"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. " - James D. Miles 

Triskaidekaphobia: Another Form of Stress






Whew! That is the sound of a collective sigh for many who are considering that there are only two more months in the year 2013. Triskaidekaphobia is another form of stress that is constantly working outside of the normal consciousness of society. Are you or a friend affected by Triskaidekaphobia (the fear that bad things or catastrophies are associated with the number 13)? Triskaidekaphobia is a seldom talked about phobia that causes lots of stress. Has 2013 been filled with calamities and problems that have kept you stressed? Is the government shutdown the victim of unlucky 13? You have all heard of the unlucky Friday the 13th. Did you ever think of why most hotels do not have a 13th floor? Have you noticed that when numbers are shown in movies and on TV they mostly add up to seven or eleven and hardly ever thirteen? Aha! There is a triskaidekaphobic conspiracy right under our noses, and we never suspected. Just think, Halloween is right around the corner. :-)

SRN First Person Interviews

Portrait of a Winner: Part I 

An Interview with Doctoral Candidate,
B. Annette Daughtry

(Ain Modeira Baderinwa)



SP: You are among a tremendously invaluable and unsung population of heroes. No one could lay claim to being successful or know how to negotiate properly in life without teachers. Before I begin this interview, I want to thank you. Tell the Serenity Pathways audience a little about your career and current goals.

A: I am a mathematics teacher and I retired from public education in 2010. I am back at work, part time, at a local college. Additionally, I am a student in a doctoral program in Instructional Technology in Education. I think this will help me to be more effective and help my students be better prepared to meet technological changes in the future.

SP: What stage are you in your doctoral program and what has the journey been like for you?

A: As I am nearing the completion of the final stage in my doctoral program, I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education at this stage of my life. There were times when the water was cold and the waves were high; nonetheless, the voyage has been truly fantastic. Equally challenging is the road ahead that may carry many obstacles. Not all students face the same obstacles and students may approach the challenges of a doctoral program differently. Women may face greater obstacles and may approach the challenges of doctoral studies differently than men.

SP: Could you elaborate on the last statement?

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 Fall Membership Campaign
The SRN is beginning its Fall Membership Campaign. Aspiring members are welcome and along with current members are asked to participate in the Five Favorite People Campaign.


Five Favorite People Campaign
Members and aspiring members can participate in this effort by asking your five favorite people to join you in the SRN. They would be great additions to the Friend Support Program.* (See Below) Ask them to join and help increase your support system as you strive to make your serene living more of a reality. Get more support to combat stress that may be effecting you, your family or workplace.

The SRN Friend Support Program 

The SRN Friend Support Program is an effort to join people from near and far to share their stress reduction tips, inspirational stories of overcoming stress and help others on their journey to manage stress and live happier, healther lives.  If you would like to participate, email us at for further details! 

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