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Spring Into Serenity
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Spring & Other Life Activities/Stress Relievers

Special Relaxation Place


Choose your own special

place of relaxation.  Whether it is on a mountain top, an ocean shore, a beautiful sunset or whatever is your

special place of relaxation.

Make conscious choices that lead to less stress.


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Spring Into Serenity 




There are signs that Spring is around the corner. The pollen count is beginning to get a little higher and some trees and flowers are beginning to blossom. Memories of Easter and Spring activities may bring little smiles to your face. Did you have to memorize and recite an Easter speech? All of those signs indicate Nature's way of saying there is new birth on the planet. Let's have the birth of more activities that bring more calmness into your life.

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

The Stress Rejection Doctor

SELF Plans
Secure Enhancement Life Focus (SELF) Plans




     After battling the national flu epidemic, a lot of which was stress induced, most of America is ready to spring into a better remainder of 2013. Daylight Savings Time will begin March 10, 2013 at 2 am. Let that be a significant day in your 
De-Stressation process.
     Assess your past year from a stress perspective and activate plans to make this year one in which you have more serene experiences. Were you calm and collected most of the time? Were you nervous and jittery? Did the smallest thing throw you off of your intended plans? Were you on your last nerve with your family, your significant other, and/or on the job? Did the drive home and traffic make you want to become the Hulk and destroy whoever or whatever was causing the traffic to move too slowly or erratically? If any of those conditions affected you, now is the time to begin controlling how you feel and react.  

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Spring and Other Life Activities &  
Stress Relievers



     Get ready to get active outdoors. You can make the time. Many more people are beginning to have a walking lunch. What does your list of outdoor activities look like? Add your activities to the list below.

* Walking                  * Jogging                  * Swimming



* Basketball                  * Softball                  * Biking   


* Playing with your kids


Other great activities include:

* Meditation                  * Intra Muscular Tension Control 



* Positive Self Talk Practice                  * Deep Breathing

* Other forms of exercise



Your List consists of:  * _________________                        

   * _____________________   * ____________________ 

The NCAA's March Madness with the Men's and Women's basketball is a favorite pastime at this time of the year. Get involved with activities and experience a more fulfilled and tranquil life!

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