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February 2015 

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The month of January saw many New Year's resolutions well underway (and some already disposed with!), the celebration of our Nation's spirit through Australia Day, the end of an over indulgent holiday period, and the conclusion of a 2nd month abroad for Mannkal's scholars!


In the next couple of weeks, Mannkal scholars will be venturing to Washington DC for the inaugural International Students for Liberty Conference. This year is destined to be a success with prominent speakers including Ron Paul, David Boaz and Tom Palmer presenting. Additionally, it is rumoured that the controversial Edward Snowden will present via Skype at the Conference. Feedback from the Conference will be provided in the next edition of eFocus - stay tuned!


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Check out Ron's regular Mannerisms this month dealing with the divisive issue of Islam; " Why have we built a million shrines to Islamic terrorism?" (please scroll down).


Paul McCarthy


Quote of the Month  

"We cannot doubt that self-interest is the mainspring of human nature. It must be clearly understood that this word is used here to designate a universal, incontestable fact, resulting from the nature of man, and not an adverse judgment, as would be the word selfishness"

- Frédéric Bastiat


Upcoming Events


   Climate Change Briefings

If you want to hear the truth about climate change from two outstanding scientists, don't miss out on attending the Institute of Public Affairs' Climate Change Briefings on 16 February. Fore more details, please click here.


    Should University Fees be Deregulated?

Should University fees be deregulated? If so, how? On Friday 27 February at 6:00pm at the Celtic Club, our friends in the Freedom and Prosperity Club are hosting a fascinating discussion on a very timely topic. As the Australian Parliament fights over higher education reform, Steven Schwartz AM, a former vice-chancellor of Murdoch, Macquarie and Brunel (UK) Universities, will explain how successive governments have got the economics of education so terribly wrong and tell us how they can be put right again. For more information, click here.



Read All About It!  


I am Charlie

   Understanding Islam 101

"We should have stood with Charlie Hebdo and others willing to fight for freedom of expression sooner, not just after the massacre in Paris..." More > > >

    Why the world is a wonderful place

Trade, according to Richard Cobden, 

"destroys the antagonism of race, and creed and language; and makes large and mighty empires, gigantic armies and great navies redundant".

If you really believe in peace and racial/social harmony, support free trade! 

For 16 more reasons why the world has never been a better place, please click here.

ont's Dubious Distinction Awards


Every Christmas, Pierpont hands out awards for the least deserving feats of the year. For 2014, Pierpont recognised Tasmanian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson for his speech deploring the description of extremist IS Muslims as terrorists. More > > >



   Europe's precarious future

Although Europe may have the resources to overcome its present crisis, a number of obstacles still threaten Europe's success in the future. Read more > > >

Look Who's Talking


   False claims by Oxfam!

Oxfam's claims about rising inequality, that the richest 

1% of the world will own more than the other 99% by next year, have been exposed as rubbish. After releasing a hard-hitting video blaming the disintegration of a friendship on wealth inequality, a number of articles have pointed out the overwhelming flaws in Oxfam's study. More > > >


   Mannkal's 2013/14 International     Scholars

See Mannkal's 2013/14 International Scholars discussing their think tank experiences here > > >


Apply Now!


Applications are now open for Mannkal's Australian Scholarships


   Liberty and Society Weekend Conference: 8-10 May 2015

"Do you like to challenge yourself, question the way decisions are made and think seriously about the future of Australia and New Zealand?"  

If your answer is "yes" then the Centre for Independent Studies' Liberty and Society Conference is for you. For more details on the Conference, please click here.

   Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference: 2-3 May 2015
The 3rd ALS Friedman Conference will be held in Sydney from 2-3 of May 2015. Check out the Facebook event page here.


To apply, please send a copy of your CV, academic transcript and cover letter outlining your interest in attending, to Becky Vidler (  

Scholar Blogs


Mannkal congratulates Mark Maciolek for his recent article, The NZ Initiative's Mark Maciolek takes a look at the value of public sector bosses, published by


To check out our scholars' blogs, please click on the links below:


Sean Taggart

Fraser Institute, Vancouver

Isabella Hancock

Institute for Liberal Studies, Ottawa


Timothy Goodier

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, Halifax


Samuel Kitchen

Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Ottawa


Emma Dyce

Atlas Foundation, Washington DC


Conor Ransome

Atlas Foundation, Washington DC




Ruby Clohessy

Foundation for Economic Education, Atlanta


Tom Ledger

Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong


 Lauren Tait

Institute of Economic Affairs, London


Alexandra Colalillo

Institute of Economic Affairs, London




Garrick Garvey

Institute of Economic Affairs, London




Rebecca Lawrence

Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania


Angelyn Seen

Friedrich Naumman Foundation for Freedom, Berlin


Michael Petrut

Institute for Public Affairs, Melbourne


Anjali Chopra

Menzies Research Centre, Canberra


Alexander Scaife

Menzies Research Centre, Canberra





Mark Maciolek

New Zealand Initiative, New Zealand





"Why have we built a million shrines to Islamic terrorism?


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