December 2015
Congregational Christmas Stories from the Gilded Age
The Congregational Library and Archives has a collection of children's books that may have been given as Christmas gifts in the late 19th century. The Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society published children's books between 1841 and 1917, intended for use in Sunday school or in the home. The publishing house itself is an interesting story, one we have in our records.
These books were used by Congregational Sunday school teachers and ministers to teach children the popular Christian and social values of the time. We can imagine children reading these stories in the 1890s, hunkered down with their families in the depths of winter, or sitting in Sunday school being read to by their teacher. The two stories we will look at transmit messages about the relationship between faith, material wealth, and personal success.
Remembering Arvel M.  Steece
The Congregational Library & Archives celebrates the life and mourns the loss of Arvel M. Steece.

Arvel first came to the Library in 1947 as a Harvard Divinity student, joining the American Congregational Association in 1967. He acted as President of the American Congregational Association from 1975-1999, as Director of the Congregational Christian Historical Society, and was named Director Emeritus of the American Congregational Association in 2000.

A devoted student of Congregational history, Arvel was eager to share his enthusiasm with everyone around him. In addition to his work with the ACA, he served as the NACCC historian from 1980-1988.

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