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Thanks to Sybil Cantor, Teddi Pensinger, and Stacey Maud for their contributions to the newsletter.  





Mark your calendars now for these upcoming events. For more information on locations and registration, watch for future e-mails and daisy cards - or visit our website at www.womansdemocraticclub.org.   




Friday, May 3


Guided Tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Returning to the parking location at Montgomery Mall by 5:00 p.m.)

Cost by mail: $35 members; $40 non-members

Cost online: $36 members, $41 non-members



Gettysburg cannons


In honor of the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, members will carpool to Gettysburg, tour the new Visitors' Center, view the film and Cyclorama, and enjoy a private 2-hour guided battlefield tour on a bus by a licensed Battlefield tour guide. For a detailed agenda of the day's activities and for additional information, please click here.  To register, please mail your check to Judith Heimann, 6900 Marbury Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 or go to http://www.womansdemocraticclub.org . Questions? Contact Ellie Kleinman at EDKleinman@aol.com or 301-806-3799.  



Tuesday, May 7


Going Into Practice: Implementing Obamacare in Maryland

District 15 House Party

7 - 8:30 p.m.

Home of Kathy Deerkoski, 9901 Aldersgate Road, Potomac


The WDC District 15 Obamacare house party will be hosted by Kathy, Ginger Macomber, and Margaret Hadley. Don't miss this chance to learn how the Affordable Care Act of 2010 affects you - and how Maryland is implementing it.  Enjoy drinks, appetizers, networking and good conversation.    Please RSVP to Katherine.deerkoski@gmail.com or 301-452-4626.   


Thursday, May 9

Happy Hour    

5:30-7 p.m.  

Lebanese Taverna

7141 Arlington Road, Bethesda


Want to meet new people and talk politics?  Join us at the next WDC Happy Hour. Every second Thursday of each month, Democrats who are passionate about politics gather to relax and network with WDC members and their guests. Whether you want to meet elected officials, make new friends, form new business contacts or just have fun, the WDC Happy Hour is the perfect place to meet and greet fellow Democrats.  



Saturday, May 18


May Tea with Democratic political strategist Celinda Lake Celinda Lake

2:00 p.m.

Courtyard Marriott

5520 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase

Cost by mail: Members, $22; Guests, $26

Cost online: Members, $23; Guests, $27



One of the Democratic Party's leading political strategists, Ms. Lake is an expert on helping women win elective office and on interpreting the women's vote, nationally and around the world. Ms. Lake and her firm Lake Research are known for cutting-edge research on issues including the economy, health care, the environment and education, and have worked for a number of institutions including the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Governor's Association (DGA), The White House Project, AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA, IAFF, Sierra Club, NARAL, Human Rights Campaign, EMILY's List and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Her work has also taken her to advise fledgling democratic parties in several post-war Eastern European countries, including Bosnia, and South Africa.


To RSVP, send your check to Judith Heimann, 6900 Marbury Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 or reserve online at http://www.womansdemocraticclub.org by noon Wednesday, May 15.   (Reservations may be closed earlier if the event is sold out).




Saturday, May 11 MCDCC Logo


Montgomery County Democratic Party's Spring Ball and Auction

6:30 - 11:30 p.m.

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

5701 Marinelli Road, Rockville


Join WDC for the Spring Ball and Auction sponsored by the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. The Annual Spring Ball is one of two fund raisers the Party hosts each year. The event includes a reception, both live and silent auctions, as well as dinner and dancing. The other fund raising event is the Annual County Brunch held in March.  Last year's Ball was a great success with over 400 attendees, and the MCDCC is hoping for a similar success this year.. For more information, click here .







The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) has a six week summer intern program.  Interns work in the MCDCC office Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. In 2013 the program runs from June 25th through August 1st, with no program scheduled for July 4th.  Intern duties may include coordinating mailings, contacting new voters, working on the MCDCC website, developing materials, helping support precinct officials, and other tasks as needed. Students selected have the chance to interact with Democratic elected officials and learn the nuts and bolts of running a grassroots Democratic organization.


This is an unpaid, part-time internship.  Mature high school and college students may apply.  Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in Democratic Party activities, basic office skills, good language skills, and the ability to work well with others.  Applicants should be Montgomery County residents, at least 15 years old, and able to provide their own transportation.  Those who are old enough to register to vote (16 years and older) should be registered Democrats.  For those who are too young to register, we ask that at least one parent be a registered Democrat. Applications and resumes should be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 17th. Student Service Learning Hours:  students are responsible for arranging preapproval through their school.

The MCDCC office is located at 3720 Farragut Avenue, Kensington, just north of the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and University Blvd.  Parking is free, and a Ride-On bus stop is nearby. For more information please contact the Montgomery County Democrats at 301-946-1000 or email them at montgomerydems@msn.com.  





"THE STORY OF THE THREE BEARS" -  WASHINGTON POST OP-ED COLUMNIST RUTH MARCUS ENLIGHTENS AUDIENCE AT APRIL 12 LUNCHEON"                                                                                                
by Stacey Maud 

Ruth Marcus at WDC Luncheon
Washington Post op-ed Columnist Ruth Marcus addresses attendees at April 12 luncheon .


'Goldilocks Goes to Washington' was the title Ruth Marcus gave her presentation at the WDC luncheon at Normandie Farm Restaurant on April 12thWith her relatable, hallmark mommy metaphors, this savvy op-ed columnist for the Washington Post took on DC's political 'porridge' to speak-up on what she believed was trending 'Too Hot', 'Too Cold' and 'Just Right'.


Too Hot: Gun Control

Marcus said that this was an issue too emotional for Washington not to act, but she cautioned that gun control is not an 'all or nothing' issue, and we have to look at what is reasonably achievable.

She recanted her recent interview with mothers from the Sandy Hooks tragedy, saying they were three of the most impressive, strong, moving and powerful women she's ever interviewed, and that the parents are proud of the progress they've made in Washington. She also noted the fact that 16 Republican senators voted to allow debate for cloture is a big step for the movement.

Too Cold: The Budget

"I cannot see the prospect of getting to a reasonable conclusion," she said.  "The President has offered a reasonable compromise, but the other side does not believe in raising additional revenue".  Marcus felt that the President's proposal was a fundamental miscalculation on the part of the Administration, who may have fared better in the negotiations had they gone over the fiscal cliff.


She touched on the topic of chained CPI and the strong outcry by Democrats against tying entitlement programs to it, saying that their reaction was disproportionate to the action. Instead, she would encourage the Democrats to embrace entitlement reform because without it, other much needed programs such as education won't be affordable.

Just Right: Immigration Reform

With the American demographic landscape changing, and politicians being susceptible to acting in their own best interest, Marcus sees great opportunity for bipartisan support for immigration reform. The last election was a wake-up call for Republications who have come to realize they won't be able to regain the White House without reform. "Republicans cannot regain the White House without embracing colors".

She felt that with immigration tensions between labor and business dissipating, that it was a cynical view that immigration reform was merely a campaign tool. "Obama isn't a political animal," she said, "he wants to leave a legacy - and the moment is right!"

Next was a question and answer period with the first question being "Will Hillary run?"  Marcus believes she will.  She also fielded further questions on gun control, the White House's increasing frustration with the judicial nomination process, the Supreme Court and gay marriage, the role of women in state legislatures, and the effect of the sequester on the budget debate.    



The WDC is a member of The Maryland Women's Coalition For Health Care Reform, which has a featured link on its website to the annual County Health Rankings entitled "How Healthy is your County?"  Researchers measured the health of nearly every county in the nation on 25 health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, family and social support and other factors affecting health. The annual County Health Rankings show that much of what affects health occurs outside of the doctor's office. This is the fourth year of the Rankings, published online at www.countyhealthrankings.org by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI). The rankings are easier to use this year, with interactive maps and new county-level trend graphs detailing changes over time for several measures, including children in poverty, unemployment, and quality of care.  Click here  to find out where Montgomery County ranks.

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The June 19 selection is Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy in which MSNBC pundit Books Christopher Hayes argues that there are many competing forces working within America that are causing the financial crisis, elite crisis, media crisis, and, what he sees as the most imminent problem facing the globe, the environmental global warming crisis.  


The September 18 selection is Louis D. Brandeis: A Life, the first full-scale biography in 25 years of one of the most important and distinguished justices to sit on the Supreme Court.Author Melvin Urofsky reveals Justice Brandeis the reformer, lawyer, and jurist, as well as Brandeis the man, in all of his complexity, passion, and wit.


The November 20 selection is The Hopkins Touch: Harry Hopkins and the Forging of the
Alliance to Defeat Hitler in which David Roll shows how Harry Hopkins, an Iowa-born social worker who had been an integral part of the New Deal's implementation, became the linchpin in FDR's--and America's--relationships with Churchill and Stalin, and spoke with an authority second only to the President's.



The book club meets the third Wednesday of every other month, 10:30 a.m. at members' homes. A facilitator leads the discussion for each book. Want to join the conversation? New members are always welcome! For more information, contact Estelle Stone at estelles@webtv.net.


If you're interested in seeing what other books have been discussed, please go to www.womansdemocraticclub.org and click on Political Book Club, which is listed under Events.  






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 We need your help creating a vibrant Club and we solicit your ideas and participation. And the most valuable contribution you can make to the Club is - you guessed it - your time. Sharing your skills and expertise with us and joining a committee are fun ways to meet other members and make new friends while helping the Club accomplishits goals. Go to  www.womansdemocraticclub.org and click on "Get Involved, then click on Volunteer to complete the volunteer form.




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