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Fire Protection for Your Most Valuable Assets
Scott Safety Celebrates 80 Years of Fire and Detection Technology Innovation
Wesco News: Madeline Joins the Team
Tyco Forms Separate Dedicated Fire Protection and Security Company
New Fire Code Changes for Hot and Cold Aisle Containment
DuPont Clarifies Euro F Gas Regs
Most Popular Stories from September 2012
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The Air Up There   

"Sandy Was No Lady!"  


John-Updated ~~ By John Demeter 


Most of you are aware of the record setting hurricane that made landfall in central New Jersey on Monday night, October 29, 2012. For those of us working out of Wesco's headquarters in Metuchen, last week began as a week we all sensed was going to be, let's say, somewhat different. When dawn broke on Tuesday, and we begin to survey the damages in our neighborhoods, it became clear that Hurricane Sandy was no lady.


We closed the offices on Monday, in anticipation of the storm hitting during the day and the possibility of a dangerous commute home. Late Monday afternoon, the storm roared ashore and for the next ten hours left a path of destruction across the state of NJ (and including many parts of New York too) that will take years to repair. New Jersey's Governor Chris Christi said on Wednesday, "Between Asbury Park and Long Beach Island, there is no beach!" For those of you unfamiliar with New Jersey's geography, that's a stretch of beachfront about 50 miles long and accounts for an enormous part of the state's economy. Most beachfront homes, including those several blocks inland, have been destroyed. A highway, several blocks inland from the ocean, is covered with over a foot of sand. It's not a pretty sight.


Wesco's offices remained closed on Tuesday. Like most of our neighbors, we were without power, cable, phone and internet. On Wednesday, the office staff assembled as we tried to get our systems up and running with back-up generators. While much of that plan worked, we remained without heat, cable, and hence, without email and phone service. So our sales team, led by Shannon Esopenko operating out of our Dallas office, forwarded their calls to cell phones, took home customer lists and phone numbers and worked for the next three days out of their homes - most without heat and power. This meant cell phones had to be recharged while sitting in idling cars and trying to get warm. Calls coming into Wesco's main phone line were forwarded to Shannon, who would either handle the calls herself or forward them to the appropriate sales person.


On Friday, with several emergency orders that needed to ship, our production crews arrived, and working on back-up generator power, managed to fulfill and ship every order.


Power was restored last Saturday, and thanks to our Operations VP Dan Dempsey, our systems were all up and running on Sunday. By Monday, we were back to full compliment.


New Jersey and the rest of the New York metropolitan area will be sorting through the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy for years to come. I just wanted to take a moment and give recognition to the Wesco staff, both here in Metuchen, as well as in Dallas and Phoenix for their hard work and dedication through this period. And to thank all of our customers and suppliers who wrote and called expressing their concern for us - we really appreciate it!

Fire Protection for Your Most Valuable Assets  

By Bella Treyger

The Data Center Journal 


October 11, 2012  


Fires in data centers and/or other critical facilities containing electronic equipment are more common than anyone realizes or is admitted in the mission critical industry


Most fires are small, handled by facility personnel, and do not get reported to the authorities.  It is believed among the fire protection professionals, that only approximately 40% of fire incidents receive some kind of reporting; and the remaining 60% of fires are kept undocumented.  Most fire incidents are kept confidential since it would harm a data center's reputation to be associated with exposure to combustion or faulty wiring installation.


The National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) book, published in July 2001, "Special Analysis Package, Computer Equipment and Computer Areas" by John R. Hall, Jr., indicates that between the years 1994 and 1998, an average of 1,042 computer facilities fires were reported each year. These fires were defined as "structure fires starting with electronic equipment."


While more recent data is unavailable, it is believed that the fire incidents have increased since the late 1990s, as the electrical loads and densities per rack have increased between 400% and 800%, from an average of 50 W/Sq. Ft in 1998 to 200 - 400 W/sq. ft. in 2012.


You can read the full article here.


Scott Safety Celebrates 80 Years of Fire and Detection Technology Innovation

Fire Engineering


October 11, 2012 


Scott Safety, a subsidiary of Tyco International, is celebrating 80 years as a global leader in development and manufacture of leading-edge fire protection and detection equipment and technology-but the company is really celebrating 80 years of safer industrial and military emergency preparedness and response. "The solutions we produce reflect the leading edge of protection technology-and that's because the men and women using Scott equipment aren't truly ready to respond using anything less than the best and most reliable gear available," said Mike Ryan, Vice President and GM of Scott Safety.


Scott Safety's publicly-traded parent company Tyco just completed a three-way split of its operating companies, anchoring Scott's development and manufacturing role in fire protection and life safety products around the world. "At Scott, we've always focused on our customers and the environments and conditions in which they operate. By innovating with purpose based on our customer's requirements- providing solutions that are optimized for their specific needs for 80 years, we've become a true partner in every sense of the word," said Ryan. "The relationships we have with our customers start and end with their safety first and foremost-our success is based on applied knowledge that goes right to the safety and well-being of people."


To read the complete article, click here . 


Wesco News: Madeline Joins the Team

Madeline DeFelice is the operations administrator for Wesco HMB, Inc. She joined the Wesco family a little over a month ago. In her short time with the company, she has a number of different responsibilities that include invoicing, scheduling shipments, vouchering invoicing, and issuing credit memos. Among other duties, she enjoys the day to day interaction with her customers and team members.


Prior to joining Wesco, Madeline worked in various administrative positions in the electrical and iron work industries.


She treasures spending time with her daughter Gabriella, family, and friends. She is a big fan of the NY Yankees and loves to go to the games with her friends. She is also a big fan of the NY Giants and loves to watch them play on Sundays.

Tyco Forms Separate Dedicated Fire Protection and Security Company




October 5, 2012 



Tyco completed its separation transaction recently, forming the world's largest dedicated fire protection and security company as measured by market share.


Tyco, with more than three million customers and 69,000 employees in 50 countries, is a $10+ billion global leader in fire protection and security solutions. The new company is focused on accelerating growth and increasing shareholder value by designing, delivering and maintaining fire protection and security solutions. Tyco is focused on finding smarter ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect where people live and work.


To read the full article, click here .

New Fire Code Changes for Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

Data Center World

October 2, 2012

By Lee Kalser, Engineering Manager

Things are changing when it comes to cooling data centers. There are the traditional cooling systems and then there are the hot aisle/cold aisle containment systems. Aisle containment may be included in the initial design, retrofitted to the existing data center, or modified over the life of a data center.

To read the full presentation on this topic, click here.


DuPont Clarifies Euro F Gas Regs

November 7, 2012

In a letter to DuPont Fire Extinguishant OEMs and Distributors, Joe Martinko, Market and Business Leader states: "This letter is to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the draft European regulations (F-Gas) and clarify misleading and confusing market information surrounding the state of DuPont HFCs in the clean gas agent fire suppression industry."

To read the full letter, click here.


Most Popular Stories from September 2012 


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