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In This Issue
Breakup Costs Hit Tyco
HFC Emissions in US Jump 38%
EPA SNAP Lists "Coldfire"
Hoffman Joins Firetrace
Ansul Issues Position Paper on Inergen Acoustics
Tyco Fire Protection Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary
Clean Agent System May Have Prevented Telcom Center Fire
She's Baaaaaack!
Did You Know?
Most Popular Stories from June 2012
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From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to the August issue of The Halon Herald!


Summer is winding down here and that means that we will soon get to enjoy some cooler weather and the changing colors of the leaves. 


In this issue, we have a lot of news about Tyco, regarding the status of their break-up into three companies and the celebration of their 100 year anniversary.

Be sure to check out the piece about a new member of the Firetrace team as well! 


As always, please feel free to direct to me any questions, comments or suggestions as they are always welcome!


- Kari




Breakup Costs Hit Tyco's Results

Tyco Profit Beats, Break-Up On Track for September


July 31, 2012 


Tyco International, which is in the process of splitting into three companies, reported a forecast-beating quarterly profit on Tuesday and said it is on track to complete its breakup in September.
The maker of fire and safety systems and parent of ADT home security systems reported that net earnings fell to $242 million, or 51 cents per share, in the third quarter ended June 29 from $359 million, or 76 cents per share, a year earlier.


Click here to read the whole article.


HFC Emissions in US Jump 38% Over 2009

The 2010 data for HFC emissions shows that it jumped 38% compared to 2009. This is more in line with past data and with the level trend that has been seen since 2004. Further information on this can be found here.


A Determination of Acceptability was released that expands the list of acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances (ODS) under EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program. The listing includes one new substitute in the fire suppression sector. Cold Fire (Surfactant Blend A) is listed as an acceptable substitute for Halon 1301 for total flooding uses in both occupied and unoccupied areas (47774, 47778).

You can read it here


Hoffman Joins Firetrace


Firetrace International announced that Dave Hoffman, formerly of Siemens, has joined the Firetrace team. Dave will be located at Firetrace's global headquarters in Scottsdale AZ. Dave's title is "Business Development Manager-Special Projects." In that capacity, he will report to the President and be responsible for addressing special projects. Bill Eckholm, President & CEO of Firetrace, stated "we're proud to have someone of Dave's experience and character on our growing team."

Ansul Issues Position Paper on Inergen Acoustics


In recent years there has been considerable confusion in the marketplace about why some data center hard disk drives are damaged in the wake of clean agent fire suppression system discharge.


When this issue first came to light, the fie suppression community was mystified as it searched for a cause.


When we began to investigate a possible cause, the finger of suspicion quickly pointed to noise, as some of the initial incidents reportedly took place when fire suppression warning alarms sounded without agent discharge.


To read the full article on this, click here


Tyco Fire Protection Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary


Fire Engineering Magazine

Tyco Fire Protection Products (Tyco), proud producer of the globally recognized ANSUL brand, is celebrating 100 years of icommercial fire suppression at the company's Marinette (WI) facility. The business is commemorating its centennial through ongoing events and by giving back to the community that helped it flourish.

"Our community is at the heart of our business and the prosperity of our brands," said Rob Abfall, director of operations, Tyco. "Tyco is committed to continuing the legacy that it was built on by producing high quality products for established global brands out of our Marinette facility."

Click here to read the full article.

July 18, 2012

CALGARY - As the province's land and vehicle registries finally came back online Tuesday after six days in the dark, the telecommunications giant behind the data disaster apologized for the massive disruption.

While other data centers depend on chemical and gas systems to put out fires, Shaw Communications said the water sprinklers it counted on were what the building code required.


"There are hybrid systems that can start to suppress the fire with non-water based solutions," said Jay Mehr, Shaw's vice-president of operations.


"As you get into the magnitude of what happened, we'll find out if there was a better way to put out a fire of that magnitude."

Click here to read the entire article.

She's Baaaaaack!
Heather Mastrull-Reedy


Heather Mastrull-Reedy is finally back to work! After a back injury that ended up with a medical leave that included surgery, Heather is finally coming back and we are thrilled to have her back! She's been anxious to get back as well -- just had to get the doctor's OK!


Heather will pick up where she left off and handle the Northeast Sales/Purchases for Wesco and will be happy to assist those in the Northeast in every way possible.


If you have any clean agents to buy and sell or need cylinders/extinguishers serviced, give Heather a call at 732-590-2282 or email her at [email protected]


Did You Know?
  • Imagine extinguishing a fire with an agent that quickly evaporates, leaving behind no residue. Any fire-related damage would be contained within the fire zone, and surrounding equipment and articles would not be covered or contaminated with water, foam, or dry chemical.

    Such clean firefighting agents are not "new technology." They have been around since the late 1800s when carbon tetrachloride was used in "fire grenades," where the liquid agent was contained in thin-walled glass containers and thrown into the fire. This was later modernized into a safer application through the use of portable extinguishers containing Halon 1211 and, today, they incorporate more environmentally friendly agents such as Halotron I and FE-36. 

Most Popular Stories from June 2012 


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