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August 2015


Six Ideas of Distributing an Estate's Personal Property in a Fair Way

Unlike money, personal belongings usually cannot be divided equally after their owner passes away.  For this reason, distributing possessions like furniture, jewelry, dishes, silverware, artwork, photographs or clothing is often the most difficult challenge in settling an estate. read more 
Special Needs Trusts
Individuals with  special needs often face "quality of life" challenges different from  those without special needs. Many times, individuals with special needs require added expenses to meet those needs.
The added financial burden often leads individuals with special needs to depend on public benefits to help them meet those costs. Unfortunately, public benefits often fail to meet all of the needs of a disabled individual. However, the supplemental needs of those individuals (meaning needs not covered by public benefits) can be met by using funds held in a Special Needs Trust (SNT).  The attorneys at Dutton & Casey concentrate in long-term planning, which includes elder and special needs law. Click here to learn more about how we can assist you and / or someone who you care about.
5 Rights That Trust Beneficiaries Have
As a trust beneficiary, you may feel like you are at the mercy of the trustee, but, depending on the type of trust, trust beneficiaries may have rights to ensure the trust is properly managed.  read more.
Know Your Options Before Signing Up for Medicare
medicare pic
As you get ready to turn 65, you may be inundated with information about Medicare. All this information is confusing, but it is important to do your research before choosing your plan.  read more.learn about assistance in Illinois. watch a helpful webinar on Medicare. This webinar is sponsored by the Caregiver Action Network, formerly the National Family Caregivers Association.
Certified Elder Law Attorneys
Partners Janna Dutton and Kathryn Casey are two of only a few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Illinois.  This certification is frequently referred to as the gold standard for elder law and special needs practitioners.  learn more.  
How Our Attorneys Can Assist You
Care Navigation and Advocacy
Erin Vogt In addition to our attorneys, Erin Vogt is an important person on our team.
Erin, a licensed clinical social worker and certified care manager, supports both our clients and attorneys by providing comprehensive assessments, family caregiver advocacy and education, and the resource information needed for the client and family to understand and make decisions.  
Erin meets with clients and their loved ones, where they are, whether that is at their personal home, assisted/supportive living, long-term care facility, home of a loved one, or the  hospital.  click here to learn more about Erin's role.
Upcoming Educational Programs 

events We offer programs for both Community Members

and Professionals, with available continuing education credits.


Some of our upcoming programs include:

  •  Understanding the Surrogate Decision Makers
  • Dementia, Ethics and Elder Law 
  • Legal Planning for Living with a Chronic Medical Condition
  • Prepare to Care
  • Much more.....
Amplified Phones 

The Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation  distributes FREE phones and TTYs to Illinois residents who have a certified hearing loss and local residential phone service. There are 5 different amplified phones and a captioned phone available.    learn more

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