Mansion on sunny day.  




June 2013 

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens


Secrets from Latil's Landing


Abita Root Beer Float Abita Root Beer Float with Sassafras Creole Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Serves 4


For Ice cream

2 (12 ounce) Cartons of Creole Cream Cheese

2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

1 1/2 cups of sugar

3 Egg Yolks

pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg

2 tablespoons of vanilla

1 tablespoon file gumbo powder


Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Place ice cream mixture into an ice cream machine a blend according to the machines instructions. Store in freezer.


For Float


4 bottle Abita Root Beer

Sassafras Creole Cream Cheese Ice Cream

4 Hurricane glasses


Place 4 scoops of ice cream into a hurricane glass and topped with root beer.


As seen by Princess Grace
   Summer feathers
  Summer time, and the livin' is easy... well at least here at my Sugar Palace. I can't think of a better time of year to wear a big hat and nap under these gorgeous shade trees than summer!  And I highly suggest lingering over a long lunch during your visit.
While strolling the gardens you'll notice perfect little paths are carved into the gardens to make your exploration easier. And let's not forget the Turtle Bar. A summer day wouldn't be complete without a mint julep or afternoon cocktail while waiting to start your tour of the mansion.  I hope to see you soon enjoying my mansion and gardens. Don't forget to wear your best summer hat!

Princess Grace

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Mansion through the trees

Open  Daily     

Monday-Tuesday: 9 am-5 pm

Wednesday-Sunday: 9 am-7 pm

Cafe Burnside: 11 am-2 pm daily

Latil's Landing: Wed-Sat 6 pm-9 pm

Sunday Brunch: 11 am-3 pm


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