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March 2013 

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens


Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Lucky Leprechaun 

Have you ever actually found the end of a rainbow? Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow sits a leprechaun, hammering on a shoe, who will reveal the whereabouts of a crock of gold. Well, we found him. And while strolling through the gardens at Houmas House, if you look closely you too will see him tucked away behind the foliage.

Perhaps this little imp is responsible for the cash cow crop called "White Gold" that was harvested on the plantation's land in the 19th Century - Sugar as it's most commonly called today. Or maybe he's to thank for all the feelings of good luck visitors feel when they trip upon Houmas House while driving down winding River Road. He's possibly the reason each dining experience is unforgettable, each wedding is a dream come true, and every tour is magical. We like to think he brings good fortune to all who visit him.

So, is the end of the rainbow here at Houmas House? There's only one way to find out. You'll have to see for yourself.

Secrets from Latil's Landing

Chef Jeremy Langlois "Chopped Salad"

 Chopped Salad

Serves 4


1 lb jumbo lump crabmeat

1 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup champagne vinegar

Juice of one lime

1/2 cup fresh tarragon, chopped

1/2 cup diced turnips

1/2 cup sliced pickled ginger

1/2 cup minced ice cream cones

4 handfuls baby arugula

1 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


For Crab

In a blender, add mayonnaise, champagne vinegar, lime juice, and tarragon. Blend all ingredients until smooth, and season to taste with salt and pepper. In a mixing bowl, add jumbo lump crab, and gently fold in the dressing from the blender, being carful not to break the lumps of crab. Use only enough of the dressing to lightly coat the crab. Set aside.


For Turnips

In a small pot, bring water to a rolling boil. Cook turnips for 5 minutes or until a fork can pass through easily. Remove turnips, and place in a bowl of ice water to chill. Remove from water and set aside.


For Arugula

Just before you are ready to build the salad, add arugula to a mixing bowl. Add olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Toss ingredients gently. Set aside.


To Assemble the Salad

Place a 3 inch ring-mold on the center of each plate. Add 1/4 of the minced ice-cream to the bottom of the ring mold, spreading around evenly. Next, add the 1/4 of of the cooked turnips, layering on top of the ice cream cones. Next add 1/4 of the crab mixture. Using the back of a spoon, push the top of the crab mixture firmly to pack all of the ingredients in the ring mold tightly. Gently pull the ring mold off, so the everything stands in a cylinder. Carefully top the crab mixture with a handful of arugula salad. Garnish the salad with a few slices of pickled ginger. Serve.



Who's the Lucky Dog?
As seen by Princess Grace
  Princess Grace in Spring hat                                                          
During the last few weeks, you can often find me on my rooftop viewing quarters looking across the expansive lawn and gardens of my Sugar Palace, Houmas House. Up here I enjoy watching squirrels jump from branch to branch in our Live Oak trees. I watch the groups of Red Hat ladies parade through the gardens on their way to lunch. I marvel at the beautiful brides-to-be taking portraits and swirling around in their gowns.
From up here I can even watch the tug boats and barges navigating their way along the winding Mississippi River.  It's truly magical.
This season is my favorite for many reasons- new blossoms in the trees, vibrant pink and yellow flowers begin to pop up throughout the gardens, and the wildlife on the property becomes frisky and celebrates the arrival of Spring.
I hope I will see you soon picnicking in the gardens, lounging on the veranda, dining in the cafe or sashaying through the alley of oaks. Then others will think you're the lucky dog!

Princess Grace

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Chef Jeremy Langlois Houmas House Cuisine Goes to Alaska
What could be more magical than an Alaskan cruise?  How about an Alaskan cruise with Celebrity Chef Jeremy Langlois, featuring his Creole fusion cuisine from Latil's Landing at Houmas House Plantation?


Garconierre in Spring


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