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March - April 2016

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Welcome to ULTRA TEC's SomeTimes Newsletter!
After another great Tucson Show Season, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the comments, Likes and submissions to our Facebook and related social pages. 

If you haven't visited yet, please do... there are wonderful gems and cutting tips.... cut by a thriving community of many wonderful people!
Please feel free to email all your pictures to or post to our Facebook 

THIS WEEK! 2016 San Francisco Bay Area Faceters Frolic 

The San Francisco Bay Area Faceters Frolic is coming to Hayward, California, March 5 & 6, 2016.  

The Frolic is being co-sponsored by the Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley(MGSCV) and the United States Faceters Guild and it is taking place in conjunction with the Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley's 68th Annual Show.

Learn about gem identification, gem cad design, gemstone photography and faceting tips and tricks.

Check-in: 9:30
Presentations start: 10:00
Lunch provided
Wrap-up: 2:30 - 3
Free tickets to MGSCV Annual Show in Newark, CA

Saturday highlights:

Learn about diamond cutting; Maarten DeWitte, presenter 
Gem ID & Gem ID - DIY (make your own tools);  Starla Turner, presenter

Sunday highlights:
Step-by-step Gem-Cad tutorial; free hardcopy Gem-Cad tutorial, 'Brilliant Trilliant', design by Roland Arajs, tutorial by Rennie Castelino
'Post-transfer blues' discussion led by Roland Arajs
Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley - workshop - 20948 Corsair Blvd Hayward, CA 94545 


Mark recently sent us the following article including the gem design -- a shown in the pictures above -- in (from left) Citrine, Ametrine and Amethyst.





ARYA AKHAVAN s one of the most enthusiastic (and most knowledgeable) people in the World of faceting.

You've probably been on YouTube and seen his series of videos "Faceting 101".
Well, Arya has added to "the course" - videos that discuss and explain the material you will come across in your faceting;

Faceting 451 - exotic synthetic gem materials -  Bismuth germinate

Check it out on YouTube - if you ask for Faceting 101, you will probably get the whole lineup from which to choose. 

Arya promises that there are more on the way!

 Arusha Gem and Mineral Show, Tanzania April 19-21, 2016

Noreen with the ULTRA TEC team at TGMS 2014

Noreen Masaki will participate as exhibitor at the next Arusha Gem Fair on 19th - 21st April 2016 at Mount Meru Hotel. On display she will have the Ultra-Tec V5D machine and a permanent faceting demonstration. 

Noreen will also be giving two presentations on  "Selecting and grading facet rough " and "Identification instruments of a field gemmologist ".

More info at:

Also see Noreen Masaki's Website at


In Smyrna, GA, near Atlanta... Welcome to Jason Delk ...
A professional gemcutter, Jason says...
A childhood interest in rockhounding focused onto gem cutting at an early age when I apprenticed to a master faceter -- a top cutter in the Atlanta area. When I reached the age of 16, he told me, "Jason, you're getting pretty good at this.  Now try to figure out how to make a living doing it."  Well, I continued my college studies - faceting part time, mostly on commissioned custom stones.  After college, while working on a career, I moved into more full time faceting.

I had over 30 years of faceting experience, during which time I used a variety of machines. But about 2 years ago I decided to transition to an Ultra Tec V5, and faceting suddenly changed.  Instead of the precision of each facet being reliant on me, the Ultra Tec machine did it.  The V5's ability to reliably repeat a facet with extreme accuracy is amazing - something that still surprises me each time I cut a stone.

The Ultra Tec V5 rewards me financially.  It produces the high quality gems that my customers want and that I want to represent me.  The V5 also rewards me with pleasure - I love having a machine that does exactly what I want, right now.     

I look forward to guiding faceters to Ultra Tec - they can take advantage of my many years of my faceting experience.


In Anacortes, WA.. Welcome to Leslie Sadler
Leslie is a member of the North Puget Sound Faceting Guild.

Leslie's interest in faceting grew from a trip to Montana where she took part in a hunt for Montana Sapphires.  That hunt was successful - so she was half way there!  - she had the rough.  The trip was successful in a larger way - it sparked an interest in faceting that rough.  She found a faceting instructor to help her along - teach her the ropes - and it wasn't long before she purchased a used Ultra Tec V2.

Three years, and quite a few stones later, the interest had not waned.  On the contrary, it had grown - as her own expertise developed.  She became a member of the North Puget Sound Faceting Guild - intensifying and expanding her knowledge and skills - falling in love with faceting - seeing it as a "great art".  The next step was a "natural" - on to an Ultra Tec digital V5.

Leslie looks forward to representing Ultra Tec, sharing that knowledge and skill - and enthusiasm - in assisting people who are interested.

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V5 Faceting Machine
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Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Newsletter. 


The Ultra Tec Lapidary Team


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