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Tucson Gem Shows 2016


After the lectures, Larry and Ron will be at the Ultra Tec Table, where you can ask more questions, and "play" with the Fantasy machine... a real-world, real-time chance to learn.

Also of Note @ The TFF:

THURSDAY - Schedule

Ron Snelling - Introduction to Concave Cutting
Larry Mattos - Advanced Fantasy Cutting using the Ultra-Tec Fantasy Machine

OPLC KITCHEN - Classes - limit 20 students
Diane Eames - Designing Gemstones for Jewelry - Limit 20 - $20.00
OPLC SHOP - Two Days - Thursday and Friday Faceting Class 9:00 - 4:00 * Ernie Hawes & Billy Bob Riley - Limit 8 with $50.00 Fee
GUIDED TOURS - Rough Dealers in Tucson * Ayra Akahavan - Limit 8 with $40 fee

FRIDAY - Schedule 

OPLC MAIN ROOM - Lectures 
Diane Eames - Gem Identification
Tom Herbst -"Faceting on Your Computer with 3D Rendering"

OPLC KITCHEN - Student Classes - Limited to 20
Tuary 4, 5, and 6 at the OPLC Clubhouse.

Robert Strickland - Beginner GemCad - Limited to 20 with a $25.00 Fee
Robert Strickland - Intermediate GemCad - Limited to 20 with a $25.00 Fee Robert Strickland - Advanced GemCad - Limited to 20 with a $25.00 Fee

OPLC SHOP - Faceting Class Two Days - Thursday and Friday 

Ernie Hawes & Billy Bob Riley - Limit 8 with $50.00 Fee

GUIDED TOURS - Rough Dealers at different shows in Tucson - Limit 8 with $40.00 Fee

SATURDAY - Schedule 

OPLC MAIN ROOM - Lectures 

Round Table Q&A - Guest Panel Discussion TFF1 Closing - Tom & Will 

OPLC Annual HobNob




See you there!

>>  At the SIERRA GEMS Booth, at the 22nd Street Show - talk to Bruce White.

>>  At the "ABOUT LAPIDARY" tent at the Tucson Electric Park - talk to Elaine Luer
luer mendoza tucson2012


>>  At the FACETS & FROSTING Booth, Kate Pleatman will be pleased to meet with you -- again at the 22nd Street Show.

John Dyer is Celebrated in Tucson!

Local ABC-News Affiliate KGUN9 features John on TV and at the following weblink.. Good on you, John!



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