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ISTFA Wrap 2015
Thank You for your Interest in Our Products and Applications!
Our 50th year in business has also been our busiest, with Trade Shows, Seminars and Workshops happening throughout the year.  

Both ESREF and ISTFA Symposia were well attended and extremely buoyant in 2015. It was a pleasure to meet so many old and new customers for our technical equipment and consumables.

We have begun to follow up on all the questions, leads and RFQ's from the recent events and will be contacting you again soon.

If we are taking too long -- please feel free to give us a little push.

Ask how we can help you succeed in your next sample prep requirement!


ULTRA TEC - ISTFA 2015 - Tools of the Trade Video
ISTFA 2015 - Tools of the Trade Video

Unveiled at ISTFA 2015, and already in production for launch at the start of 2016, ULTRA TEC  is pleased to announce a
FULLY AUTOMATED X-Y Tilt Table for the ASAP-1 IPS.

The upgraded tilt table alignment provides a streamlined workflow -- as well as supporting a range of polishing techniques as well as the current Thermal, End-point and 3D Curvature Compensation Modules.

If you would to update your current budgetary quotations to include Automated Tilt, please let us know. 


We will also be making an announcement soon for our ever-growing installed base. It will be possible to add automation to exiting IPS systems.

ASAP-1 IPS is a 5-axis CNC-based Sample Prep System

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The evolution of a few of our product lines

This year ULTRA TEC Manufacturing, Inc. celebrates 50 years of business. Over this time we've seen the birth and growth of a number of high-tech industry sectors.

We've supplied sample prep equipment to most of them. We've helped engineers, reverse engineers, space scientists, smart card companies, game designers, police forces, service labs,
and product developers not only to "Do their thing" but to "Do their thing Better!"

For every EMMI, every SQUID, every FIB, every SIFT, every SIL.... There's an ULTRAPOL, ULTRASLICE or ASAP-1 ready to prepare your sample!

Please ask how we can help you succeed in your next sample prep requirement!

Our New TEC NOTE #16 "A Straightforward Guide to the Sample Preparation of Curved & Warped IC's" 

describes techniques developed over many years to assist all users in achieving great backside thinned & polished samples for failure analysis.   


Much information has been written over recent years about how the rapid change in packaging technologies and how they have required 3D thinning and polishing to become a standard



This TEC NOTE brings together current information and provides sounds advice on how your lab can provide optimized samples for years to come.


Hard copies will be available at our tradeshows and seminars planned for the remainder of the year -- or please request we send you one.


click here to download a soft copy


click here to read online

Technical Sessions at ISTFA & ESREF  
Putting The Science Into Sample Prep
Strong Support for Sample Prep with Leading Technical Papers.

As in years past, ULTRA TEC's equipment and personnel provided assistance to a number of authors, Tutorial presenters and other equipment manufacturers for publications in a number of areas. We are honored to be cited! 

Among the many equipment users, we would like to draw attention to the following groups and individuals:

'Turning sample into (re)solution: Focused Ion Beam shaped Solid Immersion Lenses." Scholz et al; Technical University of Berlin (TUB)

'An Infrared Microscope for use on a Focused Ion Beam for Circuit Edit and Backside Edit Applications'. Richards et al.; Technical Sales Solutions and Battelle Memorial Institute.

'A Simple Method to Fabricate a Tunable In-Situ SIL': Mark Kimball of Maxim Integrated Products.

For further details of these papers and how our sample prep equipment can be used to assist in your next publication, please email us today.

ASAP-1 IPS + F3 Through-Silicon Measurement System 
Fully integrated system approach to Silicon Thinning & Metrology

Shown in the image is a small-footprint, fully integrated lab that provides decapsulation, thinning and polishing possibilities, with the inclusion of thermal, contouring and End-point techniques for tackling the most challenging of applications. 

The Filmetrics F3 through-thickness metrology systems, in conjunction with ASAP-1 IPS and the REALTIME PEEC module allows RST measurement from full wafer thickness, down to sub-micron thin films.

Ask ULTRA TEC today about how our through-silicon measurement solutions can improve your backside prep results.

Download Our Product Literature & White Papers

TEC Note #16
A Straightforward Guide to the Sample Preparation of Curved and Warped IC's
ASAP-1 IPS Brochure
Details of our flagship Selected Area Preparation System
New ULTRAPOL Brochure
Details on our range of flat lapping and polishing equipment for a range of microscopy applications.
Every great cross-section begins with an accurate precision saw cut. Saws available to suit all sizes of sample and budget
"FemtoFarad/TeraOhm Endpoint Detection for Microsurgery of Integrated Circuit Devices"
Awarded BEST PAPER at ISTFA 2012. Jim Colvin's paper introduced advanced end-pointing and parametric-based analytical techniques (PEEC). 
"Stress Reduction during Silicon Thinning Using Thermal Relaxation and 3D Curvature Correction Techniques"
The paper that introduced a range of techniques for 3D Surface Contouring.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to talking with you again soon!



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