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 Summer 2015

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Welcome to ULTRA TEC's SomeTimes Newsletter!
Faceting Ideas for Summer !

This Newsletter has been a little while in coming -- though we feel its a good 'un! Its lucky we call it the "SomeTimes".....

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the comments, Likes and submissions to our Facebook and related social pages. If you haven't visited yet, please do... there are wonderful gems and cutting tips.... cut by many wonderful people!

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The Handle has been a feature of the Ultra Tec Mast since its beginning.  It was felt that the Handle's original design was good ergonomically - the "right way" to facet:  guide the stone with the handle and apply pressure to the stone through the handle (the Handle absorbing some of the pressure and so lightening the force applied to the stone).  It has been "the way to do it".













We sent our prototype to faceter Mark Oros for testing. Here's what he had to say...

The Short Handle in position on Mark Oros' V5 Machine

"Being a stone-holding faceter, I find the Short Handle is more comfortable to use and allows access to the stone without hand contortion from any angle. The ability to access the stone from lower angles has improved my feel and touch, allowing controlled accuracy of cutting depth on all sizes of stones. I am also able to hook my pinky under the rocker and press the handle with my palm to disengage the segment and turn the index gear quickly and accurately. The installation of the new handle is simple and allows for me to switch easily between handles for various applications and cutters."


The Short Handle (item no. 4423.7), price $49

Available now!


PS: It will remain in stock in case you are a little short of cash right now


FACETING FUN & FROLICS -- Around the Corner



Including the Faceters frolic in Tucson, which some of you attended in February, the several Faceters Frolics are now all under the aegis of the US Faceters Guild.  Coming up...


There's the 'one that started them all' The Franklin Faceters Frolic - FFF8... THIS WEEKEND !!!!


The Franklin Faceters Frolic is now part of the US Faceters Guild.  It has been expanded to a 3 day format to include expanded speakers and programs - and dealers, including gem rough, will be present every day.  See their Website.





There's also 'the new kid on the block'.... a new Florida Faceters Frolic.



This one is happening on September 25, 26 and 27, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida . We're planning to be there -- Find out more on their FACEBOOK Page.

There will be faceting instruction, speakers, demonstrations, equipment dealers, and gem rough dealers. It is sponsored by the United States Faceters Guild, and the Tomoka Faceers Guild, in conjunction with the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society 27th Annual Show.





Kevin Yeh became an ULTRA TEC cutter earlier this year, and his Classic Cutting techniques have been going from strength to strength. So much so that he recently won the 'Single Faceted Gemstone' Prizer at the San Diego County Fair.


We could go on longer... but instead why not take a look at Kevin's Video Report from his trip to the Fair.





You can see much more of Kevin's work at his YOUTUBE Channel...


 'Elegant Obsessions'



Kevin & Family at TGMS 2015





We bring you another classic faceting design from Arya Akhavan...


Arya Akhavan is an avid faceter who shares knowledge of methods and techniques in his Youtube series Faceting 101 - yes, you should check it out.  



Arya also shares his original faceting designs - and when we called to get his permission to send one along in the SomeTimes, he recommended his "Star of Darkness" Here it is - try it.  







Sean Fennessy of Worldwide Gems Ltd., our New Zealand representative, recently ran a one day course  introduction to faceting.   


Click on the Video Below for more info...


Worldwide Gems: Faceting Introduction course
Worldwide Gems: Faceting Introduction course


Here's a link to Sean and Carol Fennessy's Websites...






Jeff Warrington demonstrating the ULTRA TEC V5 at The 2015 Brighton Gem and Mineral Show on the UKFCG Booth

We're Pleased to print a review of the Fantasy Machine from Jeff Warrington, a cutter in the UK.


So without further ado..



Click for Document







New Representative....

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Ernie Hawes 

We've known Ernie Hawes for many years.  He's an "elder statesman" of gem faceting, and we welcome him to the Ultra Tec team.


Ernie is originally from Indiana, but has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1971. He is a founding member of the New Mexico Faceters Guild. Ernie's working career was spent mostly in education at both the high school and university level. He retired in 2000 after twenty-two years spent as a high school administrator in the Albuquerque Public Schools.


Ernie's interest in minerals began as a child picking up calcite and pyrite in a crushed limestone parking lot near his home in Indiana. His lapidary interests started while living in Las Vegas, Nevada in the sixties. Faceting eventually became an interest and starting with an old used machine in 1974, Ernie self-taught himself the basics of faceting. Wanting top notch equipment, Ernie purchased his first Ultra Tec in 1975.  Ernie began teaching faceting in 1981 at the time of the founding of the New Mexico Faceters Guild. He has served several terms as president, vice president and newsletter editor.


Ernie developed an interest in designing gems about 1990 and has had numerous designs published in various guild newsletters and in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Recently, Ernie published a design book of some of his faceting designs, Revealing the Light Within, Faceting Designs by Ernie Hawes, with all profits going to the instruction programs of the New Mexico Faceters Guild and the United States Faceters Guild.


To promote faceting, Ernie has given many demonstrations at gem and mineral shows, at museums and at the Tucson gem shows. Over the years Ernie has given a number of presentations at guild meetings and for other gem and mineral organizations. He regularly teaches faceting workshops for the New Mexico Faceters Guild. In addition to membership in his home guild, Ernie is a member of the Texas Faceters Guild, the United Kingdom Facet Cutters Guild, and the United States Faceters Guild.




Introduced at Tucson this year, Ashton Gems are pleased to make available a new dvd-set entitled 'Secrets to Concave and Fantasy Gemstone Cutting using the ULTRA TEC Fantasy Machine'. 






The two dvd's cover a wide range of design considerations and cutting techniques.


The DVD is available from


A New Book from Glenn Klein



Here's another mention of Glenn's new book -- "Faceting Articles & Designs" -- It is full of information!










Copies are available exclusively at




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V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine Ad

Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Lapidary Team


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