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 March - April 2015

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Welcome to ULTRA TEC's SomeTimes Newsletter!
Spring is Near!

It has been a very busy few weeks at Ultra Tec, with the Tucson Trade Show and its follow-up activities. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the comments, Likes and submissions to our Facebook and related soical pages. If you haven't visited yet, please do... there are wonderful gems and cutting tips.... cut by many wonderful people!

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This year's Tucson Show was just as enjoyable as last year! It was great to catch up with so many folks in the lapidary field.


Thanks to all the attendees, Ultra Tec family and cousins for stopping by at the TGMS, the TFF, and any of the other booths we were represented at! We look forward to doing it all again in 2016!!











With all of the flurry of the Tucson shindig we are late in reporting November's Houston Gem & Mineral Society" show in Humble, Texas  It was a great success.  Jim Cockrell participated in doing faceting demos for the two days of the show.  


That's Jim seated at his machine - with Ed Katz, Ultra Tec's rep in Houston standing by.  Our thanks to Jim for his efforts.










Arya Akhavan is an avid faceter who shares knowledge of methods and techniques in his Youtube series Faceting 101 - yes, you should check it out.  


Arya also shares his original faceting designs - and when we called to get his permission to send one along in the SomeTimes, he recommended his "Tessellation 27". Here it is - try it.  Does that "27" mean that there are many other "Tessellations"?  Yes it does.  


When Arya recommended "27" he commented that it was an easy one, with flawless performance - high light return, and incredible contrast".  Try it.  Maybe there will be more tessellations in your future.  You might let us know how it goes.





Introduced at Tucson this year, Ashton Gems are pleased to make available a new dvd-set entitled 'Secrets to Concave and Fantasy Gemstone Cutting using the ULTRA TEC Fantasy Machine'. 






The two dvd's cover a wide range of design considerations and cutting techniques.


The DVD is available from





In the past several years we've had a lot going on - with a number of new products and product upgrades being introduced.  Now, it's time for us to take a breath and appraise where we are - and, as you will see below --  we are making some common sense adjustments in our product offerings.


We do want to make clear that we will continue to be active in terms of improving Ultra Tec products.  In cutting out some products, we are "clearing the deck" so that we can be more active in new developments.  


As pleased as we are with our gem faceting products, there's always something that deserves attention - and we mean to provide that attention.


Did you see the words "cutting out" ?  -'s the story:


*  We no longer offer the V2 faceting machine.  As a practical matter, the V5 has taken over - it has become 'the' Ultra Tec Faceting Machine. The V5's success is a "fait accompli" - it has been the result of the V5's being a significant technical upgrade - and, with a few years under its belt, its having received universal acceptance. 


We will of course continue to support the V2 - for repairs and upgrades


* Similarly, and for the same reasons, we no longer offer the Concave machine.  The Fantasy Machine, having all the capabilities of the Concave machine - plus much more - has come to dominate these sales.


A New Book from Glenn Klein



Glenn Klein was good enough to stop by this afternoon by with a copy of his new book -- "Faceting Articles & Designs" -- It is full of information!










Copies are available exclusively at




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ULTRA TEC Faceting has a new presence on LINKED IN. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates. If you are more of a TWITTER'er, we are right there too ( #@ultratec_facet ) ...

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New Representative....

SWEDEN...Daniel Andersson

For Daniel Andersson, cutting gemstones had been a hobby for over 25 years.  Then, 3 years ago, Daniel made it his profession.  He started SG Lapidary, operating from his home in the countryside just outside Stockholm.  He offers lapidary equipment, supplies and faceting rough.

Upon starting SG Lapidary, Dan obtained a new Ultra Tec V5, and he loves it. He says that his faceting soon "reached a new level".  Dan writes further: "...My 12 year old daughter, Linnea, loves the V5 as passionately as I do and she often demonstrates gem cutting at gem shows.  This picture shows Linnea at home, working on the V5. 



 You can check out Daniel's website at: .  His telephone number is 73 841 94 61.  You would enjoy a visit to him - see the V5 in action.





New Representative....


MICHIGAN... Dr. Reg Williams


Dr. Reg Williams is a  Professor Emeritus at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - his field, mental health.  All of his students called him Dr. Reg, and the name stuck - so when you visit him in Ypsilanti, you can call him Dr. Reg.

Dr. Reg started teaching himself faceting two years ago, and most rapidly progressed. He says "I quickly became passionate about faceting - I loved competing with myself - but you could have put on a pin-head what I knew about gemology."  Professorial sort that he is, he decided to become thoroughly knowledgeable, pursued a course in gemology and is now an ISG Registered Gemologist.  


He is a member of the Midwest Faceters' Guild, the United States Faceting Guild, and the Huron Hills Lapidary & Mineral Society.  You will find his enthusiasm and excitement about faceting infectious.


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ULTRA TEC Faceting has a thriving community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates. If you are more of a TWITTER'er, we are right there too ( #@ultratec_facet ) ...

We welcome all our ULTRA TEC cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, videos, experiences, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


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V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine Ad

Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Lapidary Team


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