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 January 2015

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Welcome to ULTRA TEC's SomeTimes Newsletter!
Happy New Year!

It's not too late to wish you SomeTimes readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (It's not for no reason that this newsletter was named "SomeTimes").


You'd think we'd have settled into a routine on this matter - we've had a lot of practice - 50 years!
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UT-Tucson ballon This year's Tucson's new event, the Tucson Faceters Frolic, brings special excitement for faceters - The United States Faceters Guild (USFG) working with the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club (OPLC) brings you 


The TUCSON FACETERS' FROLIC - located at at the OPLC facility: 3118 N. Dale Avenue, Tucson AZ 85712, Feb. 5th-7th 2015     



3 days of EXPERT Lectures and Demonstrations.

Maybe you've been thinking about FANTASY CUTTING?


ON THURSDAY only, Feb. 5....


DALAN HARGRAVE.  The Grandmaster of Fantasy will talk about, and demonstrate Advanced Fantasy cutting.  What an opportunity!  How lucky we lapidary enthusiasts are to see Dalan - and ask questions. 


Free - no reservations needed (there's plenty of room) - just show up

Dalan kicks off the day's presentations at 9 AM and will go on up to a lunch break.


AND, ON THURSDAY only, Feb. 5...... after Dalan's presentation, don't miss...


Larry MAttos LARRY MATTOS of Ashton Gems will present the BASICS of Concave and Fantasy Cutting.  "The how-to" of it - demystified.  Larry shows how you set it up, make the settings - and - you can not only see the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine in action - you can TRY it.  Does it seem very complicated?  It's not.

Larry and Rui on the booth
ULTRA TEC will have equipment to see - touch - ask questions.  

ULTRA TEC will be represented at the Faceters Frolic - and ALSO at the "main show" - the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Convention Center, FEBRUARY 12-15.

During the 3 days of the Faceters Frolic, other presentations are:   

Faceting Tips and Techniques - Arya Akhavan

Business Aspects of Faceting - Kate Pleatman

Gem Cad Classes - Robert Strickland

Gem Photography - Jeff Hapeman

Buying Rough in Africa - Lisa Elser

Gemstone and Jewelry Design - Diane Eames

Gemstone Identification - Dr. Bill Haneman 

Gem Mining in California - Jeff Hapeman

Competition Gem Cutting Techniques - Victor Tuzkukov AND...

Faceting Classes - Ernie Hawes and Billy Bob Riley AND...Faceting Rough for sale

Some of these presentations are limited in number of attendees - check out the Frolic's website:


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ULTRA TEC Faceting has a thriving community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates. If you are more of a TWITTER'er, we are right there too ( #@ultratec_facet ) ...

We welcome all our ULTRA TEC cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, videos, experiences, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


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..hands-on places to see Ultra Tec equipment during Tucson:


At the Sierra Gems Booth, at the 22nd Street Show - Bruce White


At the "About Lapidary" tent at the Tucson Electric Park - Elaine Luer


At the ULTRA TEC Booth in the Convention Center - the TGMS, Feb. 12-15


luer mendoza tucson2012

  Tucson Group Shot











As usual there is an excellent guide  to the entire Tucson Gem Show proceedings downloadable here...

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Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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