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Spring 2014

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Welcome to The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Image Courtesy of Jean-Noel Soni
We thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, great gem locations and the feedback on the products we make.
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FACETING 101 with Arya Akhavan 
Arya's series of FACETING 101 Videos -- the last batch of which have just been published -- provide a great learning experience to the new, and some not so new, faceters. Both Arya and ourselves have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the videos -- and lots of great suggestions for additional segments coming in the future. 
In the interests of reaching as many faceters around the world (YouTube can't be accesseed in much of Asia) we've mirrored the series on the YouTube alternative service VIMEO. 
Here's an Index to the Video Series...
YouTube Link
Vimeo Link
Introduction - Main parts of Faceting Machine 
Choosing Rough 
Faceting The Pavilion
Faceting The Girdle
Cutting The Crown
Cutting The Table
Undopping The Stone

How Big?



How big a stone can be cut on an Ultra Tec?  That's a frequent question.  We've learned that it's a question asked much more frequently than there is an actual attempt to cut "ultra" big stones - but there's always a lot of interest in the subject. about this stone, pictured apricot peach Topaz, from Colorado... dubbed the "Agnus Dei Tribute Toaz"At this point the stone weighed an estimated 1,750 carats before it was transferred to cut the crown..  

That's big.  Note that the Mast was set onto a 2" Riser Block (to make the height setting more comfortable).

The finished stone, 1345 cts. 


It was cut by Stephen Kotlowski for Richard Fretterd and Jean Cowman on the TV series show "Prospectors" on the Weather Channel.  It is part of the episode "Legendary Topaz".

Here's a look at it, close to actual size...(a bit  over 3 inches wide). 


See the stone being mined:










 Okay.... Now That's Big!


How Small?




scott sucher We've written about Scott Sucher before - he specializes in the cutting of accurate replicas of famous Diamonds (and you may remember the National Geographic article and TV Documentary about his replica of the French Blue.)  You will enjoy his very informative website.  Sucher French Blue Replica


Well, along came this:  At the Ventura County Museum (California), there is an exhibit of historic figures, done by historian George Stewart - marvelous detail - one-quarter size.  There are now more than 400 figures, used to accompany George Stewart's dramatic historic monologues.  Needless to say, It is an impressive and popular exhibit.


About six months ago the Museum approached Scott - asking if he would do a number of one-quarter sized diamond replicas - each to be worn by the appropriate historic figure, to be worn, as jewelry.  Scott liked the project, and agreed.  He cut the scaled replicas and they set in miniaturized settings of the jewelry worn back then.  For example, the figure of Louis XV is a one-quarter sized scale model of the Golden Fleece (a small stone, but no  small effort for Scott because of its complexity). This Ventura show will be a great merging of diamond history with personal histories showing the diamonds in their actual context.


Scott's actual size replicas will also be on display.  The date of the exhibit - May 2nd to September 7, 2014. 


As well as Scott's website - and the Museum website, check out an article about it in




The "Regent" diamond (140.64 carats) is said to be one of the most perfectly cut diamonds since it took shape in the early 1700s. Pictured here is its replica made in cubic zirconia by Scott Sucher, which will be displayed with Marie Antoinette's figure


The replicas and figures involved will include the following:


-- The French Blue (better known as the Hope) Diamond, exhibited with Louis XIV and Louis XV
--Regent with Marie Antoinette 
--Beau Sancy with Marie De Medici
--Mirror of Portugal with Queen Elizabeth I
--Orlov with Catherine the Great
--Koh-i-Noor with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert    



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Dave Sommers of Bend, Oregon

We welcome Ultra Tec cutter Dave Sommers of Bend, Oregon - Sunstone country - to the Ultra Tec Team.


Dave, by profession a geologist, says:  "I have visited many mines and collected mineral specimens around the world - Gemstones have always fascinated me.  About 10 years ago while living in Irvine, CA, I finally found time to go back to school and take gemology classes and subsequently became a Certified Gemologist. Then, it was only natural that learning how to create these wonderful gems would logically follow.  I joined the Faceter's Guild of Southern California and was mentored by one of their members. I hope to eventually create some gemstones worthy of entering in the AGTA competition."



Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again VERY soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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