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December 2013
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Fantasy cutters... Need Inspiration?
People Using ULTRA TEC's.
Update on the Fantasy Machine -- a STANDARD COLLET TYPE Tool Holder..
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CONGRATULATIONS TO AGTA "Cutting Edge" Awared Winners...
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...



Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
 TGMS 2013
Season's Greetings to all our ULTRA TEC family, cousins, friends, and soon-to-be friends!

Close-up of Imperial topaz faceted by Stephen Kotlowski - Image by Tino Hammid
As ever, we thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, and the feedback on the products we make.
We also welcome you to stop by our FACEBOOK page anytime to share a photo, a comment, or just a "LIKE".

Here's to a great Holiday Season and an even better 2014!


FFF6 - 2013
FFF6 - 2013
TGMS 2013




 Fantasy cutters... Need Inspiration?


Dalan Hargrave sent these along.... Dalan himself was responsible for the Left and Middle Colorado Topaz fantasy cuts. Dalan's student, Adam Sotomayor, produced the beauty on the right.   

People Using ULTRA TEC's -Video Ad
People Using ULTRA TEC's
People Using ULTRA TEC's
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Update on the Fantasy Machine -- a STANDARD COLLET TYPE Tool Holder



Earlier Fantasy Machines were supplied with super-concentric tool holding Bushings - to hold the various grinding and polishing tools (commonly called "mandrels").  What we've learned is that "Out in the World" there are many such mandrels, from many different sources, typically sharing a lack of precision - in terms of dimension and concentricity - but usually inexpensive (and so popular).  We did offer a Collet type of holder as an optional accessory - it would handle oddball shank sizes.


The Collet Holders, come with a set of collets that handle a full range of shank sizes.  We've seen their popularity with Fantasy users - and so now we've decided to make them standard on new machines. 



So, if you are the owner of one of those earlier machines and wish to order the Collet, it continues to be available as an accessory.  Please note:  It is a good idea to have installation of the Collet done at the factory - permanently installed - replacing the tool-holding Bushings.  Factory installation assures maximum concentricity of the holding mechanism - spec'd and controlled in the assembly process to less than 40 microns center offset (random home assembly can often exceed that).


If you already have purchased the Collet as an add-on feature for an earlier unit, and you would like to have that factory installation performed, you can have it done for you at no added cost - other than the shipping cost for the Drive Motor and the Collet that would need to be sent to the factory.  Tell us that's what you want to do and we will send you and "RMA" (documentation to keep control of your items). 


Then, you will remove the Drive Motor by turning the lever (as you do when changing the position of the Drive Motor) and lift it off.  Separate the power connection.  Send the Motor and the Collet to Ultra Tec with a copy of the RMA - easy. 



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CONGRATULATIONS TO AGTA "Cutting Edge" Awared Winners... ULTRA TEC Cutters & Repeat Winners



John Dyer ... 


it's a pleasure to announce that John continues his "winning ways".  Three awards this year...


John Dyer's Awards 2014...



2nd Place in the Innovative Faceting Category


Inverse pavilion "Tanzanian Royal"
10.22 ct Tanzanite





3rd Place the Innovative Faceting Category

"Sunkissed" StarBrite CutTM

86.53 ct fine Bazilian Citrine









2nd Place in the All Other Faceted Category

"Lilac" - Regal RadientTM Cut

14.44 ct Pink Topaz








And ......... Again in the Award Winners Circle



Jean-Noel Soni




3rd Place in the Phenominal Gemstones Category.

24.12 ct. color-change Garnet








And... Dalan Hargrave




1st Place in the Objects of Art Category          
Dalan Hargrave, Dust Devil Mining - "Friendship" sculpture featuring Sunstone (57 ctw.), black Jade, Varasite and black, yellow and white Diamonds.



V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad


Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon (in 2014!) with the next SomeTimes Newsletter.



The Ultra Tec Team


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