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August 2013
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Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Robertb Strickland Teaching

We thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, and the feedback on the products we make.

LAST REMINDER!  6th annual Franklin Faceters Frolic - known as the FFF6 - will be on July 26 and 27 - in Franklin , North Carolina.  To get the most current what, where and how information, check the FFF6 website


We spoke to Tom Maxwell two weeks ago and there is STILL available space for the GEMCAD TRAINING Seminar. 


 Doing the presentation will be Robert Strickland

himself, developer of GemCad - imagine the opportunity!  



It's on Friday, July 26th -  a Beginner Class from 9AM to Noon, and an Advanced Class from 1PM to 4PM.


Don't be kicking yourself for missing it!





  Hal Hume Dalan Lecture  Tom Maxwell
  A few views from previous FFF's

Location: Franklin, North Carolina - July 26 - 27, 2013



FFF6 will be on July 26 and 27 - in Franklin , North Carolina.  To get the most current what, where and how information, check the FFF6 website


FFF6 is a great opportunity to learn (as we've said, a nice thing about faceting is that however proficient you have become, there's always more to learn) - share information -check out equipment (see the Ultra Tec Faceting and Fantasy machines!" - buy Laps, Rough - of course, get to know other faceters.


Noteworthy at FFF6




July 26th, Friday, will be a day of GemCad training.  

There will be a Beginner GemCad Class from 9AM to Noon, and an Advanced GemCad Class from 1PM to 4PM. 


 If you haven't been using GemCad, or not using it to its full capability, this is real opportunity for you - doing the presentation will be Robert Strickland himself, the developer of GemCad, lecturing and answering questions.   

Read about it on the website - you need to register in advance, so don't delay.  To pay for the GemCad classes, there are 3 check, PayPal, or credit card ($25 each session).


Tom Maxwell (that's him in this picture) is handling the organization of the lectures and seminars.  


To contact Tom, his phone is 1-803 600 9450; his email address is 





Saturday, July 27, 2013








Diane Eames - Polishing

Leading off - 9 AM to 11 AM...


Diane Eames' presentation is on the subject of polishing - it's hard to imagine a better subject, or a better teacher.  Diane, a GG from Mason Texas (home of Texas Topaz) will share with you her many years of faceting experience.   


She calls the progam "How to know when I'm done." - it will provide you with real-world practical information.  Diane will be answering questions - she promises a "hands-on" program, and reminds you to bring a loupe and a stone you have faceted.  Attendees will learn how to correctly see polish.  The Texas Cutters Collection, a collection of Texas topaz cut by gem cutters of Texas, will be used to demonstrate various levels of polish. 





Lisa Elser: Heat treating Gems 

- 1.00pm to 2.00pm



"Heat treatment of gems dates back to ancient times, but many there is little practical information for faceters on the hows and whys.
This talk will look at the whys to give a high level technical understanding of heat treatment but also at techniques and processes for heating your own tourmaline, tanzanite, zircon and aquamarine." Lisa New


Lisa is an award-winning professional faceter from Vancouver, BC





Howard Bromley

Dr Howard Bromley: "Competition Cutting"

 - 3.00pm - 4.00pm



Dr. Howard Bromley will speak to you about participating in faceting competitions.  Howard is well experienced in he subject, having taken part in the USFG Competition, and, perhaps most notably, having been  member of Team USA in the 2012 Australian International Faceting Challenge.  And, he has been invited to be on Team USA for the 2014 Australian competition.  So, he brings first-hand knowledge about what it's like, what is required of the competitor, and how the stones are judged.


Howard is from Memphis, Tennessee.  He is Editor of the USFG Newsletter.        



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ULTRA TEC Faceting has a thriving community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates. If you are more of a TWITTER'er, we are right there too ( #@ultratec_facet ) ...

We welcome all our ULTRA TEC cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, videos, expereinces, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


We are constantly updating with fantastic gems and faceting tips from the ULTRA TEC Lapidary Community, so please check back daily...


Don't Forget to Click on the LIKE button to be added to the community.







For those of you who are given to historical reminiscing - here's a picture of the Ultra Tec Trophy Stone - a CZ, executed by Vern Johnson.  Vern was an extraordinary faceter - an outstanding award winner in the 1970's and 80's - back in the days that the Ultra Tec Award was given annually for the Best Case at what was then the "International Faceters Fair" (the first of what grew to be many "Faceter's Fairs").


Seeking to come up with an appropriate "Award" (we felt that the World had enough "loving-cups" - and no mantle space left to keep them), we came up with the idea of a plaque - one in which a real stone would fit into the Ultra Tec  logo on the plaque.   And, we had a nifty idea - a competition for the design of that stone - the "Ultra Tec Stone".  The plan was that the winner of the Ultra Tec award each year would cut an Ultra Tec Trophy Stone for next year's plaque - that's what happened.  

 The design competition itself carried a $100 award (not much, but not as

Ruth Aiken in 2013

niggling as it sounds in 2013 - the winner, Ruth Aiken says "I wish I had invested it".).  The winner was Ruth Aiken of Ohio (a woman faceter! A rarity in those days).  


Here's a picture of Ruth, now 90 years old, standing next to the 1973 machine on which the design was developed (she still has the original stone that was used for the design - and Ultra Tec still has her original submital).  In designing, Ruth had an idea what she wanted to do, but a good part of the process was 'well, let's try this' - as she kept on cutting.    After the fact, she drew the design for submission.  (No GemCad then!)







Bruno Ronsmans





Bruno Ronsmans - in the town of Drogenbos, Belgium.  Bruno is an enthusiastic Ultra Tec faceter.  Having previously been a stone wholesaler, Bruno started faceting 8 years ago, when he attended the William Holland School.  Now, in nearby Brussels , he teaches evening classes in gemology and faceting.  He's pleased, as we are, to see a growing interest in his country - with more and more students becoming interested in the faceting of colored stones - and Ultra Tec is most happy to have him on the team.


He's a guy with proven abilities, a scientific approach, and we know he'll continue to contribute to our world of faceting.








V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad


Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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