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April 2013
In this issue...
Unusual Means Can lead to Extraordinary Results!
And now a very pretty one !
Keynote Video --- A Guide to Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting
LEFT OR RIGHT -- Its Alright!
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New Book by Glenn Klein



Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!

We thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, and the feedback on the products we make!


Unusual Means Can lead to Extraordinary Results!


Dr Howard Bromley writes...

"Here's the fanta spessartite. Just for fun and a challenge to me and the machine, 


When I first got a glimpse inside, I thought "Yuck! Full of inclusions!"




I later learned that those inclusions are called 

  and add to the beauty of the stone. 



I "challenged" myself and the V5 Faceting Machine with that stone ways: 




1) I purposely tilted the stone on transfer (not easy to do) and... 


2) I purposely misaligned it when cutting the crown.  As a result, each and every facet was a different index, angle and cheat.  The V5 performed flawlessly, of course! "


Thanks for the info, Howard !! And what a strangely beautiful stone!



And now a very pretty one !


Philip Osborn recently stopped by to have his machine upgraded and brought along a collection of his gems.
Philip says.... "The material is more golden than the picture shows and we mined it from the Pala Chief Mine in Pala, Ca. 
It weighs 234 ct and is 45 mm, faceted in a Jeff Graham, signature #4 design"

Very nice Philip!






   Tom Maxwell
  A few views from previous FFF's

Location: Franklin, North Carolina - July 26 - 27, 2013


It sounds like they are cooking up a wonderful event this year. Please do your best to support them.



Friday July 26, 2013

Morning and afternoon GemCad Classes - sign up details coming soon  

Faceters' Meet and Greet - 6:00 to 8:00

The Pretty Stone Contest - Bring Stones to Meet and Greet



Saturday, July 27, 2013


Faceting Demonstrations - 10:00 to 5:00

Door Prizes throughout the day





    Lisa Elser: Heat treatment of gems - time TBA.

"Heat treatment of gems dates back to ancient times, but many there is little practical information for faceters on the hows and whys.
This talk will look at the whys to give a high level technical understanding of heat treatment but also at techniques and processes for heating your own tourmaline, tanzanite, zircon and aquamarine.


Howard Bromley

Dr Howard Bromley: Cutting competition gemstones

 - time TBA.


 More info to come...









Keynote Video --- A Guide to Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting by Stephen Kotlowski

Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting
Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting


LEFT OR RIGHT -- Its Alright!



As a matter of information -- Ultra Tec does supply machines with the Mast mounted on the left, as well as the right.  There was a period of time (without looking it up, about 6 years) during which we supplied only right-side mounts (it was a matter of simplifying our inventory) - but then, about a year ago, "by popular demand" we reinstated a left-right option - a result of customer demand.

      Left Handed V5  
or  V5 Gaceting Machine

Its your choice! 


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We welcome all our ULTRA TEC cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, videos, expereinces, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


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Reminder: A New Book by Glenn Klein
Now available is Glenn Klein's great new book on the "Evolution of Faceting Machines".
The title is self-explanatory, and includes details of faceting equipment old and new, and documents the design decisions made that have improved both the art, and the craft of faceting over the years.

glenn book

The Book can be purchased from Glenn's website: 



V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad


Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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