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March 2013
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Report from Tucson 2013
LEFT OR RIGHT -- Its Alright!
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New Book by Glenn Klein
Keynote Video --- A Guide to Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting
Faucet Kit



Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!

We thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, and the feedback on the products we make!

Report from Tucson 2013



A Busy Time @ TGMS 2013

Was it crowded?  Well, here's a view from the booth...


The Tucson show was its typical flurry of activity.  For Ultra Tec, the most "special" thing about it is touching base with old-time friends - and often, meeting people face to face for the first time, people who had previously been just voices on the phone.

Was it crowded?  Well, here's a view from the booth...






Here's a Video Slideshow of some of the sights at TGMS this year.


ULTRA TEC at Tucson 2013
ULTRA TEC at Tucson 2013


Larry Mattos of Ashton Gems was at the Ultra Tec booth -as a professional cutter, Larry answered lots of questions with skill and knowledge.


Larry and Rui on the booth
Larry Mattos and Rui Souza Rosa

At the Ultra Tec booth much of the time - and it was his first visit to the Tucson Gem show - was Rui Roza of Portugal.  A professional cutter, Rui is Ultra Tec's representative in Portugal. 


During his working career, Rui spent 8 years in Mozambique - and, as you might imagine, he retains excellent connections in Mozambique - on-going sources of gem rough.  How lucky can you be? 


Here's a picture of Larry and Rui, at the Ultra Tec Booth, in the Tucson Convention center, but - that wasn't Rui's only "first-time" experience..


rui rodeo
Rui at the Rodeo


Since it was his first visit to the "Wild West", he also visited the Rodeo in Tucson - cowboy hat, cowboy boots - sunny weather in February!

You don't have to ask if he enjoyed it.












Thanks also to Tom Mitchell, who offered his expertise to many of the attendees. And a big thank you to everyone who helped out and visited the booth!



At the booth in spirit, by virtue of his interesting Fantasy cut that we displayed ... was Charles Flynn.


A Fantasy Stone by Charles Flynn, cut on the ULTRA TEC Fantasy Machine
A Fantasy Stone by Charles Flynn, cut on the ULTRA TEC Fantasy Machine



Ultra Tec Faceter Michiko Huynh has a Grand Master rating with the US Faceter's Guild.  Generally known as "Mitch" - this is her comment about the lecture:


"The purpose of my lecture was to encourage faceters to enter the USFG Single Stone competition (USFG SSC).  Actually, I see the Single Stone Competition as more a program to enhance one's  own faceting skills than a "competition".  



It is not so much a matter of battling someone else for first place - it is much more a matter of receiving an evaluation from the judges 

Michiko stone
Michiko's 2011 Grandmaster entry - gained a 99+ score

-- and thereby  learning  yourself  how to evaluate your stone while still on the dop - finding  cutting flaws you have made, while you can still  correct them.  This is the key - the difference between regular cutting and competition cutting."









Dalan's Website



Dalan Tucson 2013

By popular demand, Dalan, instructive and entertaining as always, gave two lectures - both heavily attended.



Here's Dalan, abandoning, for the moment, his Texas trademark ten gallon hat, in favor of an Ultra Tec cap (Allen Peterson of Middle Earth Lapidary makes those caps). 

What's that pose that Dalan has taken here?  Well, Dalan writes...


"This photo of me needs a little explaining. I'm demonstrating the concave cutting process using the special features of the Fantasy Machine and the V5 Mast with the DAD.  The stability of the Mast, and its super accuracy, allows the machine to run automatically, with a timer - and, as you see, hands free!  Actually, this technique results in the equipment's cutting of absolutely precise facets, with exact repeatability at every index setting. The only time hands are used with this method is to inspect the stone, or to change index, or to reset the timer."


An impressive live demo, Dalan, of your innovative approach and the Fantasy's enabling features and accuracy.  



LEFT OR RIGHT -- Its Alright!



As a matter of information -- Ultra Tec does supply machines with the Mast mounted on the left, as well as the right.  There was a period of time (without looking it up, about 6 years) during which we supplied only right-side mounts (it was a matter of simplifying our inventory) - but then, about a year ago, "by popular demand" we reinstated a left-right option - a result of customer demand.

      Left Handed V5  
or  V5 Gaceting Machine

Its your choice! 


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New Book by Glenn Klein
Now available is Glenn Klein's great new book on the "Evolution of Faceting Machines".
The title is self-explanatory, and includes details of faceting equipment old and new, and documents the design decisions made that have improved both the art, and the craft of faceting over the years.

glenn book

The Book can be purchased from Glenn's website: 



Keynote Video --- A Guide to Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting by Stephen Kotlowski

Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting
Preparing Metal Laps for Gem Cutting

Faucet Kit
About  3 months ago, there was, "out of the blue"  a flurry of orders for the Faucet Kit.  Why did that happen?  We have no idea - perhaps it was Sun spots.  This little-promoted accessory had magically become popular.  So, we looked it over - and came up with an improved reservoir - increased in capacity to 2 gallons - a very long time between refills.  Joe took one home, of course, where he set it up on a little Lap cabinet  to provide the gravity feed - that's what is shown in this photo.

Joe likes it - large capacity - nice snap-lock lid -away from the machine itself.


You might like it - Reservoir, feed tube, and Faucet.  The Faucet fits into the hole in the Baseplate that holds the Drip Tank post


 It is order code 1501.7, the price is $116.



V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad


Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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