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January 2013
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Its Tucson Time Again
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Introducing.... A New Representative...
Introducing.... A New Representative...
John Dyer's Review of the V5 Faceting Machine



Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Here's to a great 2013!
We thank you for all your interesting comments, super stones, and the feedback on the products we make!
V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad

Its Tucson Time Again...




If you are planning to be in Tucson, stop by and say hello.  We are always happy to have you visit.  Ultra Tec will be in the TGMS in the Convention Center, a show that runs from Thursday, Feb. 14 through Sunday, Feb.17.  Now, we know, that's after some of the other shows have closed, but if you are still in town, c'mon by.  Where exactly?  


In the Arena, booth location #2135-2137.  You can't miss us - we're those handsome guys.












We'll have equipment to show, of course, and explain.  




DAD on mast Perhaps you have questions about the V5 that was introduced a year ago, and has proven itself to be a very successful machine.  Look it over (if you have a V2, you can upgrade to V5 - we can show you what that entails). 

Perhaps you have questions about installing a digital readout - a DAD - on your V2?  See it - try it.



Perhaps you are thinking about venturing into the world of Fantasy?  fantasy machine We know that some of you will have attended Dalan Hargrave's seminar on fantasy cutting - you may have a question or two remaining - Dalan plans to be at the booth (check the next SomeTimes, at the beginning of February to confirm the time). Try some "hands-on" - see how it works







We like your questions, 


We want your opinions. 


We (might) like your ideas.



Last Year's Event -- TUCSON 2012 -- Slideshow
Last Year's Event -- TUCSON 2012 -- Slideshow









luer mendoza tucson2012 »  At the Kino Gem and Mineral Show (formerly Tucson Electric Park Gem and Mineral Show), February 2nd through February 17th, at the Kino Sports Complex, 2500 East Ajo Way.



»  Elaine Luer's ABOUT LAPIDARY will be set up in tent T3.


»  The V5 and the Fantasy machine will be set up for demonstration - so you can see the action and ask questions.






»  At the 22nd Street Show - at the 22nd St exit of US10, Feb 3 through Feb 18 .  Sierra Gems will be set up in Booth C20 - and the smiling face of Bruce White will be there to greet you.  Bruce will be happy to discuss the ULTRA TEC V5 and Fantasy machines that he will be displaying.

sierra machines




TUCSON USFG Symposium... It is Next Month!



The US Faceters Guild has arranged a day of seminars - similar to last year's successful event.  There will be five sessions.


The date: Friday, February 8th 2013.  The place: Old Pueblo Lapidary Club building.  It's free - first-come first-served seating - with a preference given to USFG members.  More info needed?  Contact Roger Dery - his email address  is





8:00am - Chris Smith, GG


Chris Smith  

Chris is a 25 year veteran of the gem industry.  During his career he pioneered research into several areas of gemology, including the refinement of country-of-origin criteria for rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones, and worked extensively on the distinction between treated and non-treated gems. The first gemologist ever to have worked for both the GIA and Gübelin laboratories, he now is President of American Gemological Laboratories in New York.  Chris will discuss when and how faceters should work with or submit gems for review and/or reports.  (Chris has a lab to operate during the Tucson show, so he will need to exit promptly after the Q & A session is complete).



9:00am - Al Gilbertson, GG


Al Gilbertson  


Al is a Research Associate with the GIA in Carlsbad, California.  Al grew up around the lapidary business and his experience has spanned many aspects of the gem and jewelry industry.  His early years included custom gem faceting, starting at a very young age, and it ultimately propelled him into his acclaimed career with the GIA.   In his presentation, he will discuss how to integrate information between GemCad and DiamCalc software programs, and how it will benefit the faceter.  As a long-time faceter himself, he well understands the value of the programs he'll be discussing. This session will run close to 2 hours. 



11:00am - Dalan Hargrave


Dalan Hargrave  


You may have benefitted from seeing Dalan in action before - here he is "back by popular demand".  This session will include some theory and step by step demonstration of fantasy-cutting methods.  Dalan is pre-eminent in this field of lapidary and we are blessed with his willingness to share ideas and techniques.  His presentation is always entertaining as well as highly instructive.  He will speak in the afternoon too - this earlier session being particularly good for beginners through intermediate cutters.

12:30pm lunch break



1:30pm - Michiko Huynh 




Having climbed step by step through the US Faceters Guild competition process, Michiko is now a USFG Grand Master award winning faceter (this shows Michiko's 2011 grandmaster entry - a 99+ score).  Michiko stone Michiko, dedicated to excellence in faceting, discusses "getting there" - how does one prepare and accomplish what is necessary for the World of faceting competition?  Michiko is ready to share what she has learned in the "front lines" of faceting competition.



3:00pm - Dalan Hargrave


dalan at tuscon2012  


Here's Dalan back for an afternoon session on Fantasy cutting at a somewhat more advanced level.  Dalan, in demonstrating his techniques, will demonstrate how  imagination and inventiveness drives the art of fantasy cutting.  This session will provide insight - it will be a resource - that can aid you in realizing your own concepts and designs.







Lisa Elser -- Doing Well and Doing Good


The introduction to Lisa's article reads:


"Ethical Gemstones" and "Fair Trade" are rapidly moving from buzzwords to standards in the jewelry industry.  I am routinely asked about my gems - where they come from, who mines them, how I get them, where I cut them.  


Having answers to these questions helps the people who buy and wear our work feel more confident in their choice, and more connected to the gems.  Those answers can help us promote our work and sell more. 


Lisa at V5

Lisa is an exceptional faceter, as a visit to her website,, immediately reveals.  You will find examples of her fine work as well as articles that will are of interest to all faceters, hobbyists and professionals. 


lisa-tourmaline-agta2012 Lisa was recently "in the news", when it was announced that she had won current AGTA Spectrum Award award for her 14.24 ct red tourmaline.




>> To Read the Lisa's Entire Article CLICK HERE




Dalan Hargrave -- Ten Suggestions for Setting Up Workspace








 I dop everything (quartz, CZ, corundum, garnet, spinel, tanzanite, beryl, opal, peridot, sphene, feldspar, fluorite so far) with wax. That includes my competition stones. I found people who dop with wax are quite the minority. So my post here might be of curiosity interest.....





>> To Read Michiko's Entire Article CLICK HERE  

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Introducing.... New Representative...

 We Welcome Ray Duplechain


 ... Baton Rouge, Louisiana 



Ray Duplechain is from Gonzalez, Louisiana - right near Baton Rouge. 


 Ray is currently President of The Baton Rouge Gem & Mineral Society.


 Ray learned faceting in 2008, and, in the 4 years since, he reports that "...I have faceted hundreds of gemstones...and absolutely love it". Duplechain green


Ray plans to give faceting classes in Baton Rouge early in this coming year (2013) - teaching on his Ultra Tec.  Ray's enthusiasm is contagious, and if you are a student of his, you are sure to come away sharing his fascination and love of gem faceting.  


The USA is a big country... and the next person we want to introduce is a bit far away from Baton Rouge.  How far?  Well, 3,800 miles, but there's some travelling through Canada to get there ... to Haines, Alaska



Introducing.... New Representative...

Joshua Rioux

 We Welcome Joshua Rioux

  ... Haines, Alaska 




Joshua Rioux is a 25 year resident of Haines, Alaska.  Joshua writes: "... I love life, machines, photography, math, and in particular, gemstones..." .  He has confirmed his passion for gemstones with his frequent submittal of beauties to the Ultra Tec Facebook page.  


Rioux Red

Joshua explains that he is a "self taught faceter... who supplements his income with his faceting...".  And we are pleased that he gives Ultra Tec much of the credit for allowing him to exploit his passion effectively.  


His gem interest started about 10 years ago "...when sourcing a diamond for my wife's engagement ring. This led to studying ideal cut diamonds and then colored gemstones..." - then, faceting.  Soon, he created of his business, Rioux Rocks.  And, he has plans...



John Dyer's Review of the V5 Faceting Machine


John Dyer's Comparison Review of the V5 to the V2 Faceting Machines.








Harry Neumaier

We learned that Harry passed away just a few days before Christmas.  Harry, our Representative for southern Germany for the past four years, had become a good friend.  Harry was a fountain of ideas and our email file of communications with him is very large.  We would frequently get emails saying "...what do you think of this..." - it was always a thoughtful idea, and frequently it was an idea that we could put into immediate action.


Harry was a "perfectionist" - it showed in his exceptional faceted gems.  Harry participated in many shows and obtained pleasure from teaching people the craft of gem faceting - conducting regular classes in the local Adult Education program.  


The students were rightfully proud of what they had produced under Harry's guidance - his perfectionism was something that he could successfully convey to them. Our thoughts are with Claudia and his family and friends. 


We will all miss him.





Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 


The Ultra Tec Team


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