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  How to Network for Sales People - Working the Room

by Marc Wayshak

Let's be clear-networking isn't easy. There's nothing more stressful than walking into a room full of strangers with the expectation that you have to approach them. I still feel over-whelmed the first second I walk into a networking event where I don't know anyone. However, I have learned to be effective at networking with a few very simple strategies.

Your Goal: Walk into the room with a goal-but make sure it's realistic.

If I'm about to attend a networking event with hundreds of possible prospects, I want to know how much time I'll have to complete that goal. For example, let's say there's a cocktail hour before the event's speaker comes on. Then after the speech, there's another half-hour before the event ends. That leaves me with a ninety-minute window of time to network.

In ninety minutes, a realistic goal would be to meet and connect with ten prospects. I make a promise to myself that I won't go home until I have the contact information of at least ten people. There are no excuses or exceptions here. I don't particularly enjoy networking, so if I let myself off the hook I know I will never meet my goal.

Warm Up: The first three people will be the most difficult to approach.

Once I'm mentally and socially warmed up, networking becomes much easier. The second I walk into an event, I strike up a conversation with the first person I see. Every fiber of my being is usually telling me to go to the bar, but that's the worst thing I can do-it will just waste time and keep me stuck inside my own head.

It doesn't matter if the first person you talk to is the bell-man at the conference center; just strike up a conversation. Follow your first conversation with two more random chats. (These don't count towards your goal, by the way-cheater.)

Conversation-starter: What you say to start a conversation doesn't matter; what matters is that you start the conversation.

Having said that, there's one line that I find to be very effective at striking up conversations at networking events:

"What brings you to this event?"

If you have something else that you like to say, great-but don't get caught up on what to say.

Ask the first question: After starting a conversation, you always want to try to ask the first question. Of course, if you do get asked what you do before you have the chance, just use your rehearsed Opening Play. But ideally, before you get to talking about what you do, you want to ask the person, "Who are you looking to meet at this event?"

Depending on how the person answers your question, you'll be able to quickly determine whether this person is worth your valuable time to continue speaking to.

With that question you also automatically shift the focus toward the other person. Remember, most people are terrible at networking and only care to talk about themselves. Also, pay attention to what people tell you so you can make a connection. If you're the only person making connections at the very start of a networking event, you've just moved yourself to the top of the social food chain in everyone's eyes-people will notice that.

Your Opening Play: Eventually, the person is going to ask you what you do. When this happens you'll use your Opening Play (some trainers call this your thirty second commercial)-but you'll tweak it just slightly. My Opening Play at a networking event goes like this:

"I am a sales coach who works with mid-sized* businesses to create a game plan for selling. Today, I'm looking to meet CEOs who are losing too many sales to low-cost competitors, struggling to hit their quarterly revenue goals or getting inconsistent results from their sales teams."

*I don't have to tell him about the other types of clients I have, just the types of businesses that would be at this event.

If the person I'm talking to is a CEO with those problems, she'll tell me so. Then I'll take her through an abbreviated Disqualification Checklist, which I teach in my sales training programs and sales coaching programs. If she's qualified, I'll recommend that we set up a meeting or a phone call. We can exchange cards, too. All that matters is that I have her information. When networking, never just give out cards with the expectation of getting a call back. That's a total waste of time.

Get Help from Connectors: If you talk to enough people at an event, you will eventually find a "connector." These are the people who know absolutely everyone of importance. When you come across a connector, add one more step: ask them for their "help." Here's exactly what to say:

"I'm new to this group and I'm not great at networking. Do you think you might be able to help me connect with some people?"

I've had connectors literally walk me around from CEO to CEO all night, introducing me to everyone.

Be sure to get the connector's information and follow up with a hand-written card and email. Work to develop relation-ships with these people. If they like you, they can change your world.



Written by Marc Wayshak, author of Game Plan Selling and sales trainer in Boston, MA.

marc wayshak

Marc Wayshak speaking at the Chamber's September Breakfast Smarts Meeting







Meet & Greet over 500 Bedford families

Time to sign up for the

3rd annual


Friday, October 26

Whole Foods Market Parking Lot



What is it?

An opportunity to put your business in front of over five hundred local families.

All you need to do is decorate the trunk of your car and hand out candy. We are limiting this to 35 businesses, so don't wait in reserving your spot-

Last year we filled them all!!


Participating Businesses as of 10/1

The Goddard School

Edward Jones Investments
Callahan Karate
William Raveis Real Estate
The Higgins Group
Bedford VA Hospital
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
Bedford Montessori School

Simply Your Home
Bedford Police Department


There is a $25.00 particpation charge.



What the Chamber did in September?

 Catch the Net -Brightview Concord River
 Working Women Alliance - Carlton Willard
 Breakfast Smart Series with Marc Wayshak - Brightview Concord River
 Bedford Day
 Board of Directors
Barb Davis -WWA
Breakfast Smart Series
New Member The Bedford Citizen at Bedford Day

Business Development Committee Update


Business Development- The committee is putting together recommended economic development goals for the town. They will be presenting them to the Selectman on October 15, 2012.
Sign By Law - Goal is resident education before the November 7th

town meeting. Plan is to discuss the proposed changes in local media

(Minuteman, Bedford Citizen, etc...) as well as Bedford Council Of

Aging (in person and in newsletter). For each change, list out the

reason for the change and how it will benefit Bedford. The next Sign By Law meeting is September 11th. 

Alewife Shuttle Service- The Chamber is looking for contacts for any Crosby Drive businesses to discuss adding them to the shuttle. Any contact you have will be helpful (be sure to go through your linkedin and other social networks).  



      offers guaranteed ride home program

 Did you know the 128 Business Council's offfers guaranteed ride home, along with several other member benefits such as


  • DEP Rideshare Regulation Compliance
  • RideMatching
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Commuter Benefits Events
  • Shuttle Bus Services
  • Transportation Advocacy Programs
128 Business Council could be your one-stop resource for alternative transportation and pro-sustainability solutions for the 128 West region. Their  shuttles connect major employers, institutions and communities to public transit (MBTA stations), making commuting more effective and reducing Route 128 West and related roadway congestion.  
 Please contact the Chamber office at 781-275-8503 if your company is interested in participating in this Shuttle Program and/or if you know some other companies in the Crosby Drive area that you think would be interested. 




 Each month, Executive Director Maureen Sullivan tapes the Chamber Connections at the Bedford Tv Studio. Check out the links below of who she has interviewed and if you are  interested in being a guest, email her at


Madeline Altman ~ Bedford TV

Linda Stimson ~ Inner Visions Interiors


Adam Schwartz - Business Development

Mara Briere - Grow a Strong Family

The UPS Store


 Joan Turnberg - Live LIfe Well

Dr. Jean Marc Slak ~ Slak Chiropractic Group

Lea Ann Knight ~ Garrison Knight Financial


The Goddard School


Brookline Bank

Kristen Presley/Bedford VA

Karen Kenney/ OrganizingWorks

JRM Antiques




Beginning October 1st, Coop members will be able to receive discounted memberships at over 10,000 fitness and health clubs nationally, including over 200 locations in Massachusetts. Participating clubs include many Anytime Fitness, Boston Sports Clubs, Curves, Fitness Together, Jazzercise, and YMCA locations, as well as many more that are either Chamber members from across the state or are a part of the national GlobalFit network


October 11

Board of Directors
 Bedford Police Station
7:30 AM 
October 11


Working Women Alliance
Brightview Concord River

Ocotober 15
Catch the Net
FlatBread Company
213 Burlington Road
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5:30-7:00 PM

October 26
The Goddard School
Trunk or Treat
Whole Foods Parking Lot
4:30-6:00 PM

November 4
Flavors of Bedford
Doubletree Bedford Glen Hotel
4-6 PM

November 6
National Election
John Glen Middles School
November 13
Catch the Net
Atria Longmeadow


Welcome to New Members

Bedford Montessori
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