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May 2015

Community Health & Safety Featured Prominently at Northpointe Park Community Faire


On Saturday, May 16, 2015, LifeSTEPS hosted a community event focused on keeping kids and families healthy and safe at the Northpointe Park Apartment community in Natomas. This event was facilitated with FPI Management and received significant support from Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby and the Sacramento Police Department.  


The Sacramento PD hosted "3-on-3 Basketball", in which members from the Department played ball with resident youth.  In addition to being fun, the activity encouraged connection with young members of the community, building trust and a feeling of safety.


Local nonprofits provided information on local resources available to community members, in addition to music, carnival games for the kids, and food for community residents.


Mayor Pro Tem Ashby attended the event and spoke to the importance of building a safe and healthy community for all.  

Sacramento Police Dept.
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LifeSTEPS Beth Southorn & Mayor Pro Tem Ashby
Academic Scholarships for the Fall 2015 Semester

LifeSTEPS is expecting a record number of applications for scholarships for the Fall 2015 semester.  Students living in affordable communities owned by AMCAL Housing or USA Properties Fund are invited to apply.  For more information about our scholarship programs, please contact Jim Phelps at 916-965-0110 x212.  


LifeSTEPS Client Assistance Program Helps Family Avoid Loss of Housing

This family of six relocated from Los Angeles to Hesperia in 2014.  Both parents, Kyle and Amy, were between jobs when they learned that Kyle's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  They moved to Hesperia so they could provide care for their father during his last days. 


At the time Amy was receiving unemployment after her position at Best Buy was dissolved - a job she held for 15 years. As it happened, Kyle was also receiving unemployment and so they continued their job search after they relocated to Hesperia knowing their unemployment benefits would soon be depleted.  Fortunately Kyle was hired at Paramount Machine Company.  The job came just in time as they were no longer receiving unemployment benefits.  In fact, there was a short period of time when they had no income at all which put them at risk of eviction for unpaid rent. 


The family approached LifeSTEPS for rental assistance to bridge the gap.  They were proactive in reviewing their budget and making changes in their spending habits.  They eliminated expenses related to cable and cell phones and Amy learned that she would be eligible for additional unemployment.  With rental assistance from LifeSTEPS Amy and Kyle are optimistic that they can maintain their home on Kyle's wages until Amy finds work. 


LifeSTEPS is honored to help this family of six maintain their home at Palm Communities San Remo Apartments.  They are hardworking and committed to caring for their family and Luke's father during his time of need.    


Residents United Network (RUN) - Giving Residents a Voice


Vintage Woods
Affordable Housing Residents

Housing, health, hunger - these are three of the top concerns affordable housing residents have. But, up until now, most affordable housing residents have not had a civic voice to share their concerns.


However, this is changing. Working with Housing California, the Residents United Network (RUN) has been formed. Organized on a regional basis, residents of affordable and low-income housing throughout California have gathered to focus on local, regional and statewide issues - especially those focused on increasing awareness related to access to housing.


LifeSTEPS plays an active role in organizing efforts in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. Most recently LifeSTEPS brought eight residents from Vintage Woods Apartments in Sacramento to the California Housing Lobby Day at the State Capitol on April 27.


Comprised of older adults, the LifeSTEPS group teamed with residents from Mercy Housing to visit members of the State Assembly and Senate, presenting information about several key bills that focus on affordable housing. In addition, and perhaps more powerful, several of the residents shared their personal stories, detailing why their affordable home was so important - and why so many others throughout California deserved the same opportunity for housing.


"This is so important," says Eleanor Hepworth, a Vintage Woods resident and member of the Sacramento RUN Steering Committee. "A lot of us may not be here when measures are taken to create more housing. We're doing this for the next generation."


The overall purpose of RUN is to educate residents about the current issues that affect residents. In Sacramento the focus is on making outreach to residents throughout the region to generate involvement, providing information about pending legislation, and registering people to vote.


The Sacramento Regional Meeting is scheduled to take place on June 8, 2015. At this meeting residents will elect representatives to be on the RUN Sacramento Board, and will begin to determine an action agenda for the coming year.


For more information about RUN, please contact Jim Phelps.

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