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LifeSTEPS Provides Access to Resources

LifeSTEPS is committed to resident success.  To ensure residents are experiencing the best possible outcomes, LifeSTEPS offers a wide variety of programs and services. The type of assistance is tailored to the individual's needs. For this purpose LifeSTEPS places a skilled social worker at each site equipped to help residents navigate their way to success.


Claudia's story demonstrates the significant role discounted services can have in helping residents of affordable housing balance their budgets.  Additionally, LifeSTEPS educational classes and activities foster healthy communities in which people know each other and support one another.     


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Claudia's Story

At AMCAL Mirandela Apartments for seniors, residents benefit from quality property management provided by FPI, as well as social and supportive services delivered by LifeSTEPS. March programs focus on practical tips to avoid financial scams, computer skills, the benefits of good nutrition and social events like the Spring Community Potluck, LifeSTEPS Bingo and a Birthday Social.


Claudia's* search for suitable affordable housing ended at Mirandela, where she has lived for nearly one year. She quickly began attending educational classes and community events as she was eager to know her neighbors. In a short time she made friends and felt comfortable in her new home.


When she was having a difficult time paying her bills and buying groceries she contacted Mirandela's LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services for assistance. LifeSTEPS was able to help her access multiple resources which have brought her financial relief. The CA Alternate Rates for Energy program reduced her utilities bill and California Lifeline discounted her home telephone. Claudia also utilizes the local food bank to subsidize her groceries.


Claudia says these services are helping her save money and making it easier to make it from one payday to the next without the fear of being hungry. She told her LifeSTEPS DSS that she is "so thankful...these resources are really needed by seniors." She also noted that last month's "Everyone Has Something to Learn and Give" class was particularly helpful. It has helped her to be more active in her community.


*Resident name has been changed. 


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