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How to take action now!10/9/13
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To Get Off The Hamster Wheel!
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Just being in motion will never get you to your Big. To do that, you need to be sure you're doing the right things, in the right order, for the right reasons.

Enter the Take Action Now System (tm). 

With this five-step system, you'll clarify the activities that are mission-critical to your success. You'll then be walked through a process for creating step-by-step action plans to implement those key activities.

The result? You get off the hamster wheel of motion-without-progress and get on a more direct route to more clients and more money.

Forget about being busy; start getting focused by downloading your no-charge PDF version of the Take Action Now System (tm) today.
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What's been around for thousands of years and is common to people of all ethnicities?   Storytelling.   No matter what country or culture you consider, people love using their stories to teach and entertain.


Unfortunately for energetic and creative entrepreneurs like you, stories can also be used to sabotage your success.  How?  When those stories cast you in the role of a powerless victim of circumstances.


The good news is that you have 100% editorial control over the content of those stories.  Woohoo! 


The first step to re-writing your stories for better results is to become aware of them.  Then you can take out your red pencil, hack and slash out the counterproductive passages, and replace them with empowering ones.


If you suspect your stories are in need of a re-write, use the following tools to create your new masterpiece. 

Tip of the Week
Use case studies to demonstrate your expertise.

A successful entrepreneur is very effective at telling stories about how she's made life better for clients.  Some of the best ways to do this: share case studies on your website, use them in your one-minute commercial at networking events, and include them in the content-rich articles you write for online publication.

These case studies are miniature stories you can use to engage your prospective clients and encourage them to learn more about how you might just be the answer to their prayers.
A Really Good Resource

light bulb
To change stories that aren't working well for you, you get to draw on your awareness, courage, and creativity.  A great resource which will help you is Julia Cameron's classic, The Artist's Way.

Cameron has developed a system that will enable you to practice literally writing your stories, challenging your counterproductive assumptions and unleashing your creativity in the process.

If you're tired of starring in a horror story and want to instead become the lead in a heroic epic, this could be a great place to start. 
How's This for Success?   
Saving successful entrepreneurs from tech insanity
One of the marketing tools I most appreciate is the well-done company tag line. At its best, it's a pithy, powerful reminder of how the business professional makes life easier and more profitable for his or her clients.  It's really the ultimate short story, when you come down to it.

A case in point is Gary Braley's summation of the value he offers through his company, Technically Speaking by Gary Braley.  His tag line is, "Sharing the promise, removing the fear, and easing the pain of technology."

Wow.  He talks pain and pain relief in just a dozen words.  Now that's a good short story. 
Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Stepping Into Big
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The Bottom Line

Maybe you're the kind of entrepreneur whose stories sound something like this:
  • "I never seem to finish my To Do list."
  • "I put in such long hours; I wish I had more to show for them."
  • "I have got to get around to that project I've been ignoring."
  • "I don't wanna..."

Maybe it's time for a massive re-write so they sound more like this:

  • "Got my three crucial tasks done today.  Time for chocolate!"
  • "I can't believe how good I feel about the progress I've made and the results I've gotten."
  • "It feels amazing to have that project done.  The monkey is finally off my back!"
  • "I still don't wanna; thank goodness I've got someone who's supporting me and kicking me in the butt when I need it." 

I can help you with that re-write.


I specialize in showing entrepreneurs what to focus on, what to let go of, and how to create and implement action plans for getting the important stuff done.


If that kind of editing sounds like something that's long overdue, call or e-mail me to set up a let's-see-what-we-see, get-acquainted call. 

Wishing you joy on your journey into Big...

Stepping Into Big

The Universe rewards action.   

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