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Just being in motion will never get you to your Big. To do that, you need to be sure you're doing the right things, in the right order, for the right reasons.

Enter the Take Action Now System (tm). 

This seven-step system clarifies the activities that are mission-critical to your success. It then walks you through a process for creating step-by-step action plans to implement those key activities.

The result? You get off the hamster wheel of motion-without-progress and get on a more direct route to more clients and more money.

Forget about being busy; start getting focused by downloading your no-charge PDF version of the Take Action Now System (tm) today.
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My wonderful big sister Barbara has many, many talents.  However, none of those talents have anything whatsoever to do with technology.  In fact, she's so not clued in to tech that she makes me look like an uber-geek by comparison.  (Hard to believe, I know.)


So, the other day she asked if I'd load her new ink cartridge into her printer, since she kept getting an error message when she did it.  Feeling confident - maybe a little bit smug - I set to task.  I checked out how the old cartridge was installed and tried to do the same with the new one.  And tried.  And tried...


Finally, I got enough feedback from the Universe - i.e., numerous failed attempts - that even I was willing to concede I was doing something really wrong.  That's when I thought to confirm with Barbara that the old cartridge I was using as a model for my efforts really was the old, properly installed one.  Imagine my surprise when she told me it was not.  It was a the new color cartridge she had installed before getting stuck on the black-only cartridge.


Huh.  Who knew?


Once I got rid of my preconception about the "proper" way to install a cartridge, I stepped back and really looked at the black cartridge itself and the place where I was supposed to insert it.  I realized that Barbara and I had both made a wrong assumption about how it was supposed to be oriented.  Once I matched up the shiny little spots on both cartridges (that's tech talk) with the corresponding shiny little spots inside the printer (more tech talk), everything snapped into place quickly and easily.


The embarrassing lessons were clear:

  1. Don't assume.
  2. Pay attention to feedback.

If you find that you keep experiencing opportunities to learn these lessons for yourself because you - as I - didn't learn them the first few times around, see how much the following tools can shorten your learning curve. 

Tip of the Week
Assess, think, and plan before acting.

If I'd spent some time really evaluating what I was faced with, I would not have repeated Barbara's original error in inserting the ink cartridges.

In a similar fashion, had I thought ahead far enough during our recent Move From Hell, I would have realized that, if I planned on having soup for dinner the last night in the old house, it would have been a really good idea to not pack the can opener. 

Take it from me: This tip will save you massive frustration and embarrassment.
A Really Good Resource

light bulb
When you're tackling a physical task, things you can clearly perceive with your five physical senses often provide great clues as to what your next step ought to be.  However, when you're dealing with non- physical tasks, like trying to decide whether or not to invest in a new business-building program, you might want to tap into the non-physical for input.  In other words, check in with your gut.

Practical intuition: Practical tools for harnessing the power of your instinct, by Angela Martin, will help you hone this hard-to-describe skill.  If you're open to exploring what some people may consider a bit  wackadoo, you'll enjoy experimenting with this really cool tool set.
How's This for Success?   
making a success of caring
It's always a good idea to pay attention to feedback you get, especially when it comes to moving toward your big goals.  If you  
don't, the Universe will just use a bigger and bigger hammer until it
does get your attention.  Wahneta Dimmer can testify to this.


Ever since she completed her own massage training, Wahneta - founder of Hands In Harmony in Cedar Rapids, IA - had a vision of bringing together talented massage therapists to create a peaceful yet vibrant healing space for clients.  However, she was so busy building her private practice and working with individual clients that her big vision got shoved to the back burner.


Until the car hit her.


Wahneta sustained enough injuries in this accident that she was physically unable to personally provide massage services to her clients.  Instead of moaning about her bad luck, she chose to view her accident as a clue about getting back on track with her big vision.   


As a result of paying attention and dealing with a tough situation from a position of choice and power, Wahneta moved forward on creating her healing space, and now has over 20 like-minded, licensed massage therapists working together to serve clients.


And since her spa is within walking distance of my house, I'm being smart enough to consider my meeting Wahneta at a networking event as a clue that I've found the place for my Iowa massages.  Woohoo!

Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Stepping Into Big
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The Bottom Line

When it comes to creating your big vision, are you guilty of ignoring some clues that you need to do things differently to create the outcome you yearn for?  Clues like...
  • being busy all the time but not seeing results (what I fondly refer to as Hamster-On-A-Wheel Syndrome)
  • trying to do everything yourself instead of focusing your energy on the things you're brilliant at 
  • feeling buried up to your adenoids in a never-ending Too Much To Do List 

Maybe I can help.  I specialize in providing you with the triple A's of Action planning, Accountability, and Achievement.  I'll get you off that rodent treadmill and onto a broad, paved road to your goals.


If that sounds like something that could keep your head from exploding, call or e-mail me to set up a let's-see-what-we-see, get-acquainted call. 

Wishing you joy on your journey into Big...

Stepping Into Big

Life is good.   

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