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My dissertation has given me great insights and adds legitimacy. In the classes I've taught, I 
illustrate the importance of cultural intelligence and that the international manager has to be able to assume an ethnorelative view rather than an ethnocentric view, which is of course an integral part of my dissertation. I have also used the concept of vMemes when training
service providers to use culturally appropriate and value-appropriate language to talk to immigrant groups.
I used the concepts in negotiations to establish the Dodoma Technical Institute in Tanzania where I was repeatedly assured by the Canadian team that my participation and approach paved the way for breaking ground this past October.
- G.Sarkar, Ph.D.
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Managing Corporate Lifecycles, Vol. 1-2: Analyzing Organizational Behavior and Raising Healthy Organizations

The much anticipated two-volume work is now complete!

In these texts Dr. Adizes provides new material on the diagnosis and interventions necessary to bring organizations to Prime on the Corporate Lifecycle. 

Volume 1 (2013, 460 pages) examined and updated content from the original 199 book, Managing Corporate Lifecycles,related to Courtship, Infancy, the Wild Go-Go years, and Adolescence. 

Volume 2 (2015, 260 pages) completes the set with updates on Chapters 10-18 of the original text which included tools for analysis, discussion of roles and styles, aging organizations and organizational therapy. 

Both titles will be used in various 2016 courses at Adizes Graduate School, including the Phase I/III/VII/X course scheduled early next year.  


January 4:
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January 7:
Access to Winter Term courses online for enrolled students.
Late application deadline for Winter Term, Session 2

January 18:
Winter Term 
Session 1 courses begin
February 1:
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software training for Session 2
February 18: 
Access to Session 2 courses online for enrolled students
February 29:
Winter Term
Session 2 courses begin
March 13:
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Nir Ben Lavi and Shoham Adizes, students at Adizes Graduate School, collaborated to create Empowering Meetings: A How-To Guide for Any Organization, published earlier this year. The text is in use in the Enhanced Phase II courses at Adizes Graduate School.

(2014, 98 pages)

SPIRAL DYNAMICS: Natural Design & Organizational
The Spiral Dynamics Level 1-2 workshops took place October 19-24th at the AGS Headquarters just outside of Santa Barbara.  
Dr. Don E. Beck, a core faculty member at AGS for the past 16 years, added more books to his suggested reading list ... a few are included here...              
(2015, 304 pages)

(2014, 382 pages)
(2014, 200 pages)

~ Online classes - 
Advance registration REQUIRED

SESSION 1:  Begins January 18
Supply Chain Management
5 weeks with Dr. Don Dunn

Group Dynamics
11 weeks with Victoria Kucherchuk & Dr. Kundrotas

Vision and Values
11 weeks with Dr. Janet Durgin

SESSION 2:  Begins February 29

Principles of Marketing
5 weeks with Greg Mathers 

 ~ Webinars:  Click here for topics and streaming videos like:
  • How to Build a Highly Effective Management Team
  • The Ideal Executive and Why You Cannot Be One
  • Four Management 'Vitamins' for Optimal Organizational Health 
  • How to Rejuvenate an Aging Company 
        .... and more!


A joint program between MIM-Kyiv and AGS, titled Change Management, was launched in April 2015. It began with Dr. Ichak Adizes' lecture to new students and was taught by AGS personnel Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Shoham Adizes, and Greg Mathers.  

During the opening of the program, Dr. Adizes expressed the philosophy of the joint venture: 
The main task of management is- how to keep a company together during turbulent times of change, and how to develop the organization by solving problems using a philosophy of mutual trust and respect.
The program was evaluated highly by all participants who included entrepreneurs, CEOs of various companies, and other executives. Dr. Kundrotas not only taught in the program, he participated in the defense of the students final papers and delivered Certificates of Completion in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The graduating class from the first MIM-Kiev and AGS joint program.

Encouraged by the successful cooperation of the 1st joint program, MIM-Kyiv and AGS launched the 2nd program this month. Dr Kundrotas taught the first module on December 4, 2015. 

Dr. Kundrotas teaching the 2nd MIM-Kiev/AGS program.


Dr. Bruce LaRuea founding faculty member at AGS since 1999, joined LWM III Consulting and is now engaged in training all U.S. Army Commanders prior to their acceptance of their first military command. The most recent trainings took place at Fort Leavenworth. Dr. LaRue has been consulting to the U.S. Department of Defense for many years. 

Dr. LaRue teaches courses at AGS such as Epistemology, Organizational Structures and Sociocultural Systems, and Systems Thinking.

Dr. Sarkar was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame October 29, 2015
My dissertation has given me great insights and adds legitimacy

When Gerlinde Sarkar first began her academic journey at AGS, she was Director of Research and Planning for the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Canada.  SIAST had a very active International division and she had the opportunity to go to on many assignments in developing countries to work with government officials or universities in order to setup post-secondary technical education systems. 

Partway through her course work at AGS, Dr. Sarkar was deployed as the Director of Research, Planning and Quality Assurance, at the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar (CNA-Qatar) in the Arabian Gulf. This was the perfect opportunity to gather key insights for her dissertation topic. 
Dr. Sarkar completed the AGS PhD program in November, 2013, earning AGS' first Ph.D. in Organizational Transformation. Her dissertation focused on the premise that the characteristics, competencies, and expertise required of transcultural managers of higher educational institutions overseas are different than those required of managers who work in North America (Canada and the U.S.). 
Since Graduation  
Dr. Sarkar lately works pro-bono as a volunteer with immigrant resettlement agencies, drawing heavily on her years of work in Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, India, Nepal and the Philippines. She works directly with immigrant groups and trains service providers working with these groups to use value-appropriate and culturally appropriate language in their work.
In the fall of 2014, Dr. Sarkar worked with Tanzanian ministries and taught Strategic Planning to the local Tanzanian board of the Dodoma Technical Institute in Africa.  The funding team for the project was Canadian. The results of her cross-cultural interventions and discussions were successful and, a year later, ground was broken on the new Institute in October 2015.
The following are additional highlights of her achievements since graduating from AGS:
  • In July 2014, Dr. Sarkar received the Business and Professional Women's Canada Leadership award which recognizes women who have shown exceptional leadership, advocacy, and mentorship of women around the world.
  • In October, 2014, Dr. Sarkar was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame for her work to enhance the status of women locally, nationally and internationally, and as a role model and mentor for young women.  At that time she also participated in the International Federation of University Womens' conference in Istanbul and assisted the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan group to develop a presentation for the IFUW and a similar presentation at the United Nations.
  • In Spring of 2015, Dr. Sarkar was asked to assist the Ranada Prasad Shah University in Bangladesh as they navigated through an organizational change process. 
I was able to provide suggestions and recommendations that were based on the results of my dissertation.
Dr. Sarkar has also been a guest lecturer many times in International Management courses at the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan.
My dissertation has given me great insights and adds legitimacy. In the classes I've taught I illustrate the importance of cultural intelligence and that the international manager has to be able to assume an ethnorelative view rather than an ethnocentric view, which is of course an integral part of my dissertation. I also used the concept of vMemes in negotiations to establish the Dodoma Technical Institute in Tanzania where I was repeatedly assured by the Canadian team that my participation and approach paved the way for breaking ground this past October. 

Prior to joining AGS, Dr. Sarkar held a B.Ed. and B.A in Linguistical Anthropology from the University of Alberta, and an MBA from the University of Saskatchewan.
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Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of the Adizes Graduate School engaged in a number of activities this fall on behalf of the school.  Some of the highlights include:
September Events:
As President of BMDA (the Baltic Management Development Association), Dr. Kundrotas participated in the 23rd CEEMAN Annual Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on September 23-26, 2015. He moderated panel How Does Executive and Corporate Education Match Business Challenges and Needs? during which the most recent challenges of executive education were  explored. Panel members from various countries (Hungary, Austria, Kazakhstan) shared their experiences with executive education and proposed the approaches to management within the sector. 
The topic of the 2015 CEEMAN conference, which attracted 170 participants from 40 countries, was Localization vs. Globalization of Management Development in Dynamic Societies. The conference is the central annual event of CEEMAN, gathering deans and directors of universities and business schools from around the world, leaders of international and regional management development institutions, international publishers and partners, as well business, government and media representatives.

Other news in September:
  • The 3rd Adizes module of the joint AGS program with MIM-Kiev was taught by AGS instructor Greg Mathers on September 18-19th.
  • Memorandums of understanding were signed with business schools in India, Russia, and Thailand. Discussions are under way with schools in France, China, Peru, and Cyprus.  
October Events:
A cooperative agreement was signed with Irkutsk University. Dr. Kundrotas, delivered a training for two large groups of CEOs and owners of regional businesses at Baikal International Business School, Irkutsk State University on 2nd October, 2015, in Irkutsk, Russia.
Dr. Kundrotas also delivered a one-day executive training program How to Manage Change within the Organization for a group of 30 second year Executive MBA students and executives on October 2ndHe provided a two-day training program immediately afterwards for the 35 newly admitted students in the Executive MBA program and representatives of largest Russian bank -Sberbank. The topic was The Basics of Adizes Theory and Practice for Managing Change within the Organization and took place on October 3rd - 4th
October 12th at Harvard University:

The Boston Global Convention of EdUniversal took place at Harvard University on October 12th. Dr. Kundrotas presented on management trends in Central and East Europe. 


EdUniversal 2015 Conference



October 20, 2015, in Kiev:   

Dr. Kundrotas spoke at a Conference on Change Management supported by MIM-Kiev and Adizes Ukraine. Dr. Adizes opened and closed the conference where Shoham Adizes and Oleksiy Kapusta also spoke, and Dr. Kundrotas moderated a panel discussion. The event was attended by over 200 business executives from across the Ukraine.


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