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January 6, 2016
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Jan 25, 2016Words Mean Things & Insurance is a Foreign Language
Jan 26, 2016The Human Asset Puzzle: Risk Managing Life, Health & Disability Insurance
Jan 27, 2016Social Networking: OMG or E&O
Jan 28, 2016Lawn Care to Lipstick: Coverage Concerns for the Self-Employed

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Less is More: The 7 Information Management Questions Every Organization Must Address to Thrive In the Digital Age

By Barbara Hemphill

Many companies continue to experience cutbacks in workforce, but not in workload. For the remaining employees, accessing valuable company information becomes increasingly complex, whether it's a password, an email from a vendor documenting price agreements, or crucial information about a client contract. The computer has allowed us to generate information as never before, thus increasing our ability to create a mess. Poor information management creates inefficiency. Inefficiency costs money, causes unnecessary stress, precipitates poor customer service, and directly costs untold thousands of dollars. 


Does This Excuse Make My But Look Big

By Tracey C. Jones

One day, during lunch break, a construction worker opened his lunchbox, pulled out two sandwiches, hoisted them aloft, and cried to the heavens in anguish, "Not peanut-butter sandwiches again!"


Disruptor Watch 
How Disruptors Can Learn From Their Forebears

In today's vastly complex economic landscape, many companies would like to be "disruptor" instead of being the "disrupted" - that is, they want to find a new niche in a certain industry, a problem no one's yet been able to solve or one nobody's aware of, and they want to exploit this niche and solve this problem, thereby upending their industry with next-gen technology and unprecedented business methods.


Would You Like Fries With That? 

While you may not have recognized it, the last time you ordered from a fast food restaurant or went to the post office, there is a good chance you experienced some type of cross-selling or up selling. Cross-selling and up selling are well-established and highly effective marketing practices utilized by a wide variety of industries.