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May 27, 2015
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Special Session Update

Over the weekend, Governor Dayton vetoed two additional state funding bills, setting a broader agenda for the upcoming special session.  The governor vetoed the omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources bill, because he objected to several provisions opposed by environmentalists.  He then vetoed the omnibus jobs and energy bill due to inadequate funding for the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

There will probably be at least three other bills on the special session agenda.  The K-12 funding bill which was vetoed last week over the Governor's position on mandatory statewide preschool.  Added to the agenda will be two bills that did not pass both bodies in the state legislature during the hectic final hours of the session.  These are the bonding bill for state buildings and construction including necessary funding for the State Capitol renovation, and the Legacy funding bill which funds grants for clean water, parks and trails, and arts and cultural heritage. 

There has been some discussion of the Governor and Senate Democrats granting the House Republicans a small tax bill.  Returning a portion of the state surplus, was a top priority for the House Republicans and could be part of a final compromise.

Another item of interest is funding for the Department of Commerce and its staff.  The Governor believes the department needs new staff to function efficiently.  One issue is the review and approval of rate filings of health insurers sold both inside and outside the health insurance exchange.  Another issues centers on funding for the department's Insurance Fraud Unit. 

The special session will take place in the State Office Building and will be very short, not more than a day or two.  The date has not been determined.  

Dominic Sposeto

MIIAB Lobbyist