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February 4, 2015
Quote of the Day
"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
-  Zig Ziglar 
Upcoming Classes
Mar 3-6, 2015
Commercial Casualty
Feb 17, 2015Personal Auto
Feb 19, 2015Commercial Casualty II
Jun 23-26, 2015
Practice of Risk Management
Dec 8-11, 2015
Principles of Risk Management
Mar 12, 205
E&O Seminar
Feb 9, 2015National Health Care Reform
Feb 18, 2015BIP(idy) BOP(idy) BOO(ze);Turning 3 Mundane Coverages Into Magic
Feb 19, 2015Contractors; Insuring the Liability Exposures
Feb 19, 2015Seven Ways to Get Sued and How to Avoid Them
Feb 24, 2015Ethics for Insurance Professionals

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What Can Watson Do
For Your Company?

Companies are using IBM Watson to grow and transform their businesses in huge ways that are making a lot of professionals nervous. Instead of writing it off as "another new supercomputer," let's take a look at what actually makes Watson unique. Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information much more like a smart human than a smart computer. Rather than thinking humans will be replaced by a computer, you should realize that this is, in fact, a huge opportunity.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to InsurPac. Because of you, InsurPac not only met their $1,000,000 fundraising goal for 2014, but broke a new record by raising $1,026,123! As a state, Minnesota exceeded our 2014 fundraising goal by raising $25,486.47. And our Young Agents met their goal by raising $2,425.


Insurance Research Council Finds That Fraud and Buildup Add Up to $7.7 Billion in Excess Payments for Auto Injury Claims