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October 1, 2014
Quote of the Day
"If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day."
- Mark Twain 
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CICOct 8-10, 2014Agency Management
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CISROct 15, 2014Dynamics of Service
CISRNov 11, 2014Personal Residential
CISRNov 18, 2014Personal Lines - MISC
CRMDecember 2-5, 2014CRM Analysis of Risk
E&OOct 22, 2014E&O Seminar
WebinarOct 6, 2014Nat'l Health Care
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Hennepin Technical College would like to invite you to participate in their Fall Career Fair. This is offered this as a FREE resource to you, your opportunity to connect with job seekers. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014 
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Eden Prairie Campus

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The Extinction of Passwords

Currently, passwords are total chaos. In fact, most people have terrible passwords that are easy for hackers to guess. Even worse, many people use the same password for all their accounts, and they haven't changed their password for years. So all a hacker has to do is guess the password once and they'll have access to the user's entire life. And while we were all advised to change our passwords after the Heartbleed attack, very few of us actually did.

Advertise Yourself

Take your personal and business brand to your community and show what you are all about. We know people buy from whom they LIKE and TRUST! The question is how do we get them to like and trust us? I am confident that community service is the answer. If you are involved in improving the lives of others in your community your life will also become more fulfilled personally as well as professionally. Volunteer and you will earn the LIKE and TRUST of your community. The rest will take care of itself.  


The CGL & Pollution Losses

Every year I get many calls from agents asking about the Commercial General Liability form (ISO) and whether or not pollution losses of various kinds are covered or not. This is mainly from a client who is hoping that his/her CGL (and Umbrella) will cover some happening resulting in pollution costs being incurred.


23 Best Ways to Get and Keep Motivated
Geoffrey James

No matter what you do for a living, the key to success is motivating yourself, each and every day. Most people don't realize that motivation mostly emerges from minor changes in your own behavior. Here's how to remain a go-getter, even when the going gets rough:

  1. Realize that YOU are in control. You cannot control the outside world, but you can control your emotional reaction to it.

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