September 3, 2013

 MNsure Announces Final Producer Certification Program to Begin September 6


MNsure has just announced that they have somewhat altered their agent certification process for agents who wish to participate in our state based health insurance exchange.  Given the short timeframe until MNsure becomes operational (October 1), they are putting abbreviated agent certification training on a fast track with courses beginning this week.  If you are still interested in becoming involved with MNsure and have yet to register as an interested agent, you can still do so at the MNsure website,


Here is the recent correspondence from the MNsure Broker Team that was sent to registered MNsure producers.






MNsure has been hard at work developing our agent and broker certification program so you can sell through Minnesota's new marketplace. In the next several weeks, it is our intent to provide you with up-to-date information on our certification process and operating procedures, so you can plan your business accordingly. We will provide regular updates which will focus on topics such as training, certification, and MNsure's small business health options program (SHOP). As a valued partner, it is our intent to provide you with the information you need to serve your clients as we move through the initial MNsure open enrollment period.


We understand the desire for detailed information and completion of certification training; however, we are beginning testing of the new MNsure website next week. In order for agents and brokers to train based on the most current information, final training development must follow this testing phase. We are choosing to respect everyone's time by developing training on the most up-to-date system information. At the same time, we fully acknowledge the short time frame we have for training before October. Due to this constraint, MNsure has decided that certification training will only require the bare minimum of courses for this initial open enrollment period.


Certification training will now include two web-based courses:

  •   MNsure Agent Broker Certification Course One 
    •  MNsure 101
    •  QHP Basics 
  •   MNsure Agent Broker Certification Course Two
    •  SHOP 101
    •  Introduction to Agents and Brokers
    •  Defined Contribution Health Plans
    •  Data Privacy and Security
    •  Dispute Resolution and MNsure Appeals

Due to the scaling back of initial certification training, the total seat time will now be approximately 3 hours. The first course will be available by September 6. The second course will be available by September 23.


MNsure appreciates your patience, support, and partnership while we work and learn together to serve Minnesotans and help provide them with affordable health insurance coverage. October 2013 is just the beginning. We have a six month open enrollment period ahead of us. As MNsure adds functionality to its website for agents and brokers we'll provide corresponding guidance in the form of procedures and training.



The MNsure Broker Team

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